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I watched a video today which has had a deep impact upon me. It said so much in such a short time and I found it hard to argue with or question anything in it. The speaker said " To those of you who are not aware of what is going on or still haven't figured it out, Let me get you up to speed. Citizens of Australia - we are at war. "

When our government on a federal level and our governments on a state level start locking us up, depriving us of our rights " for our own good ": I have to wonder: are we at war? 

Or have we already surrendered? 

How did we bend over and give up so quickly? Not a shot fired, unless you count rubber bullets of course; not a blow dealt - unless you count the taking down of people walking in parks; not a person handcuffed - unless you count the pregnant women and old aged pensioners - ah, such a peaceful battle.


Sound quality is not that great. I have done my best to transcribe the important bits. Now, before you watch the video, I have tried to break it down into digestible bites. Because there is a hell of a lot to take in. 

The speaker, a man named Brett Kinovi suggested that our world has been governed by governments and malevolent psychopaths and shadow organisations that could destroy our freedoms, our sovereignty and our future. By the way, if you are out there Brett, I would love to hear from you. 

I suggest that they have already been destroyed.

How long has it been since we heard fighting words like this? He felt that many of the Non-Government organisations are familiar to us - but others? Not so much. It is time to remember that we are Australians and that governments have become our enemy. We are Australians and People. Citizens. And we have RIGHTS.  Why are we surrendering them so easily?

There is a piece in his video which features a clip from Barack Obama suggesting that too many governments are too small-minded to govern their own affairs. Well, Mr Obama, you may be right. Too many of our governments are.too small-minded.

But we the People, do not share that view. As Citizens, we know fully well that we are quite capable of thinking for ourselves and the answer does not lie in small minded governments or surrender to globalists: the answer is getting the Power back to the People.


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The People who pay the taxes, drive the trucks, stock the shelves,. nurse the sick, educate the young and love the vulnerable. Dig the coal, till the soil and reap the harvests. The people who share a smile and a laugh, help out a mate when trouble looms and hug a loved one when times are tough.

The People who wave a flag, fight in a trench, crawl through mud in a flood or battle; through a drought, a mouse plague or a bushfire.

It is the neighbour, the mate, the friend, the old bugger next door or the Mum or Dad down the road who come up and give a wave and a wink - they are the People who see us through tough times. 

Not the bloody government official sitting in a chair somewhere in an airconditioned building wearing a mask who tells us that " we are all in this together. "

It is the bloke on the end of the fire hose; the woman with the sandbag or the old lady next door with the stew she cooked and sent over to keep us fed when " the chips were down. "

Our governments are telling us that order can only come from the surrender of individual rights to the power of an all powerful sovereign.

Well, they are doing a good job aren't they? So many Australians mask up, get jabbed and sing from the song sheet of the Government propaganda hymn book that I sometimes despair if we will ever survive this maelstrom of madness.


The speaker believes that we are at war - not with guns but an information war with propaganda, lies and untruths.

He believes that the agenda is simple: depopulation through sterilisation, vaccination and control of whoever is left. If you comply, you actually become part of the way to create your own enslavement.

He feels that our compliance is what has got us to this point and that the destruction of families and businesses is almost inevitable. 

Meanwhile, the corporations are making billions.

He feels that many people think our governments are trying to save us from a deadly pandemic, but assures us that nothing could be further from the truth.

Is he that wrong when he suggests that we are being forced into a one world government ? 

 Brett feels that it is way past time for us to take action. 

I don't know about you, but this hits home for me. Whoever he is, I agree with him.

It is time to stop and consider this fundamental question:

Does the government control us or do we control the government?

At the moment, the jury is out. I suspect that the People don't even get a vote on the subject anymore. After all, it is " for our own good. "

And they, the government " knows best. "

Or do they?









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