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We seem to be so pre occupied with fear and tales of terror these days, don't we? If you are not careful with your choice of news broadcaster, you could believe that the end of the world is nigh.

The problem is that it does not matter which broadcaster you choose, all that is being reported is that the end of the world, as we know it, is on our very doorstep. Fear is a terrible weapon and it is often the fear of a bogeyman that does not exist that causes the greatest fear.

What we are living through and witnessing today is not dissimilar to what I went through a decade or so ago. Where fear is creating panic and distress and is out of proportion to the symptoms.

In my case, it was all about spider bites and alien eggs.

It started with a rash on my stomach.

My daughter rang me as she did and we started with the normal " how's your day been? " and " what are you cooking for dinner tonight? " 

I said that all was well, except I had a very painful rash on my stomach and it was getting worse. Had I been bitten by a spider? A mosquito? A wasp? No, I replied and said that I could not understand what it was and why it was so painful.


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There was a pause at the end of the phone. A silence. All I could hear was an intake of breath and a quiet and concerned " Oh Mum... "

My daughter said " I read an article about a person who got a horrible rash...... "

My heart missed a beat.

" What did it say? Was it cancer? What caused it? " I almost pleaded with her to tell me the nasty truth of what terminal illness was about to destroy my life.

Her voice was strangely quiet, almost soothing in its tone. " Mum, it was about a lady who got exactly the same thing. She went to the Doctor and it turned out to be a spider. It had laid eggs in her body and the babies were hatching. "

I panicked. The thought of a spider, like Shelob from Lord of the Rings, laying its eggs INSIDE me, like Ripley in Aliens, I was suddenly itchy all over myself and the horrific realisation that I had  been impregnated by a spider of such evil intent was too much to bear.


I immediately made an appointment to see my Doctor.

Two hours later, I fronted up, told him that I suspected that I had a spider in my stomach and that, according to my daughter, it was possible it was laying eggs in my stomach and that the rash was as a result of this. 

" Just get it out of me! " I pleaded.

My Doctor calmly asked me to show him the site of the alien invasion.

He said " it isn't a spider. It is shingles. "

I wept with relief. 

" Oh thank God! " I said.  " Thank God! " 

 My Doctor looked at me puzzled and replied " Never have I ever seen anyone so pleased to find out that they have shingles. "

This is what the media and the left have done to us.

Made us so fearful that we lose all sense of rationale.

We have become thankful that we only have shingles.  Or a spider bite. Or Cancer.  Blood clots. Mycocarditis. Anything, unless it is the dreaded Virus.

People are so terrified of the spider that is Covid that anything is preferable.

Meanwhile, commonsense is telling us that the enemy is not the egg laying spider but is in actual fact something far less sinister. What is preferable? The egg laying fear campaign of Covid or the reality that we have shingles and we are in for some pain? 

I suppose I prefer the reality of the shingles that is the forseeable future.

The left are our shingles. They are going to be in our systems for decades to come. 

Oh, sure, they will flare up from time to time, but that is better than an egg laying spider that seeks to use us as a host and is a parasite that gives nothing and takes everything.

Some years later, I was in my garden and was bitten by a spider. The bite did not respond to calamine lotion or bicarb of soda. Old home remedies. 

I did not ring my daughter. My Doctor was on holiday. I saw his locum. He looked and declared that he had no idea what it was that had bitten me. I looked at him with great solemnity and asked him " You don't know what it is? Maybe I should see a Doctor? "

He didn't seem to get the joke.

Two days later, my regular Doctor returned to work. He saw the now ulcerated hole in my chest and said that, yes, indeed, it was a white tail spider bite.

I asked him to take it out. The whole thing. And all of the flesh around it. 


He did.

I now have a bit of an indent in my chest where that poison was removed with his skill. But I don't mind.

That spider has gone. 

I must ask myself this question. 

Who amongst us is sick and tired of being told that we have been bitten by the " climate change, the covid bug and the transgender, leftie luvvie, boo hoo I am offended and religion is horrible and moslems are wonderful " bug? 

Let us be grateful that we have shingles, have been bitten by a white tailed spider, will have some wounds but,  BUT this is better than living in fear and panic?

I will take the shingles and the spider bite before I will take the alien egg.


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