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" We swear to stand by the Southern Cross to stand by one another and fight to defend our rights and liberties. " 

Well, we have not really upheld that oath as a Nation, have we?

Let us say that again.

" We swear to stand by the Southern Cross to stand by one another and fight to defend our rights and liberties. " 

When  Peter Lalor spoke these words  in 1854 at the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat, I doubt that anyone foresaw the current state of Australia or the world in general.

When Australians would be herded into quarantine " hotels " and kept separated for the good " of the Nation. " 

When young expectant mothers and indigenous Australians are treated in a manner that did not and do not reflect rights or liberty.


It is the catastrophic oppression of civil liberties and it has nothing to do with the virus.

So often, I read comments from people in Australia who say “ who cares about what is happening in America? We need to focus on what is happening here, not in the USA. “


"Who cares about what is happening in Australia? We need to focus on what is happening in America, not in Australia. "

We need to all be very interested what is happening in New Zealand. In Australia. In America. In Austria. In Japan. Our future depends upon how we all respond to this situation. 

And we should be as worried as hell. 

With the willing basement dwellers of pimply pricks and unemployed rich kids ready to act as the foot soldiers, all semblance of Law and Order is an illusion.

MSM is happy to oblige with volleys of cannonballs and our own governments are on board with what is going on. In fact, in Australia and New Zealand, we have seen our Nations transformed into penal colonies and into splintered states, regions and fractured communities. 

In America, a barely coherent President is struggling to tie his shoe laces and is sniffing his way around Washington, seemingly motivated by an ice cream or a freshly shampooed head of hair on a 10 year old.

In fact, the current situation with Biden makes me wonder how it would be with Father Jack as President. Probably not that different. 


Between Princess Xindy across the ditch and the Prom Queen Scomo and his Ladies in Waiting The Duck, The Parrot, the Lyrebird the Peacock and numerous others, it seems to me that we have all been grounded and unlikely to ever soar again.

Ah yes, let's carve up that Peking Duck, bred down under and proudly brought to you by the birds that used to be of paradise and are now victims of birds of prey. But that will be another article. But for now, I suspect we all know that the birds of prey win and the birds of paradise are not looking that flash.


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In Australia , once famous for its stand against Government override at the Eureka Stockade, people are reporting on their neighbours and living in a perpetual state of anxiety. 

It is almost as though some of the citizens have become the prison guards. Which is rather thrifty: so many wages saved.


" We swear to stand against the Southern Cross to stand against one another and fight against defending our rights and liberties. " 



Got it yet?

I read a comment online from someone , part of which said :

1984 dystopian language: billboards everywhere saying “Staying apart keeps us together.” Have they gone mad?

There’s probably more but at this point I honestly lost track of all the insanity that’s happened.

It is tyranny without limit, at the expense of all human dignity, decency, and rights. "

The Eureka Stockade resulted from resentment. On 30 November 1854 miners from the Victorian town of Ballarat, disgruntled with the way the colonial government had been administering the goldfields, swore allegiance to the Southern Cross flag at Bakery Hill and built a stockade at the nearby Eureka diggings. Source: National Museum of Australia.

The Australian Prime Minister has lost control of the situation. The folly of the National Cabinet, which elevated the State Leaders to equal status of the PRIME Minister has backfired spectacularly.

Who cares about Australia?  Let's just let Albanese win and the Australian people lose but Scomo will pop off to join Matthias and get a berth on the gravy train...fun times for us all.

China is trying to overthrow America and take control of the world.It is as simple as that.
This is all about making America a minor player in terms of trade. But it is not just about Trade -  it is about control.

And we have Leaders helping them do it.

I urge you to read this incredible article about the Eureka Stockade

And ponder this as you read about the fall of our stockades :

Arguing among ourselves does nothing but destroy the very society that gives us shelter and provides us with our voice. When dissent, disharmony and disruption breach our circle, we are weakened and all we love and value is vulnerable. 

All it takes is one weak link and the chain is broken. 

 Wyoming Wagon Train Circle. and yes, there is a deeper message here.

How much of this is the Covid Virus being eliminated and how much of it is about we, the People being brought under control? By creating division and disharmony and breaking our circle of strength? 

We need to eliminate the real virus and once again, stand proud under the Southern Cross.

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Because we can stand united but, divided, our fall is inevitable. And it could be sooner than you think. 


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