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It's tough being a bloke these days. It's tough being a woman these days. It's tough being a kid these days. In fact, life is tough for pretty much everyone who is " old school " conservative and has more than a few functioning brain cells left in their head. The simple job of living has become a government enterprise and is being rebranded as EXISTING. SURVIVING this insanity. We are living in a circus and fair ground where the circus reigns supreme and absolutely nothing is fun and it certainly is not fair.

I never liked going to the circus as a kid. The idea of performing animals was somehow wrong to me. I much preferred the idea of an elephant frolicking in the water or entwining its trunk protectively around its infant to seeing one shackled by chains in a fairground and destined to a cage to reward it for its obedient performance.

Much like people are doing right now. Some are taking delight in shackles and the rest of us find it abhorrent. 

Yet, now, it is not the elephant in chains, it is the people.

Why are people welcoming this? Do some people actually enjoy being constrained and fearful? Perhaps that is so. I, for one, never relished being confined. By anyone or anything. 

But back to the circus. I never liked that place that seemed to occupy a late night hour or a place where people wandered and ate candy floss or relished in a fantasy world that I found strange and foreign. I much preferred the fields and paddocks of home and the security of Mums's roast dinner to a place that, quite frankly, scared me. 

The ride on my bike was more fun than taking a ride on a ghost train with fake skeletons and circus employees putting hands on my neck as my small car trundled by did not seem to be the most entertaining ways of spending an afternoon or evening. In fact, I found it seedy, and sinister. Spooky, but not in a funny way that would prompt me to part with my coins to "enjoy. "

The prizes that were offered in the different stalls were stale and forlorn looking remnants from a garage sale and the food was a lottery ticket in the biggest game of all - the game of life. 

You know that one. Where we got to make our own decisions and way up the risks and benefits? 

How many bacteria and germs could be crammed into one battered sausage on a stick smothered in tomato sauce? How many smothered into a mask? What are the risks of an untested vaccine versus getting a bad flu?

Something to do with FREE WILL? 



It seems to me that the whole world has gone mad and we are living in a circus where the freak show is the biggest attraction and the only way they can keep it going is by shoving chains around the performers and smothering everything in tomato sauce and propelling people down the ghost train to get terrified and come out the other end saying " gee, that was fun! ".

 People are now that bat shit crazy. 

Why is it that people are queuing up to get on the ghost train? Why? To be gripped, prodded and frightened shitless, only to come out the other end poorer and less happy than they went in?  It is almost as though they crave the fear and the thrill and the badge of honour that they rode the train and came out the other end.

Do people crave fear? The thrill of ride? The adrenalin crunching horror of the roller coaster? Do people NEED to be scared witless and emerge out the other end triumphant? Is this what it is all about?

They can post on social media that they had - not just one jab - but three! And survived! 

Meanwhile, Christmas glitters in its tinsel covered commercialised candy-coated glory and  the message of this most wondrous of days is drowning in a sea of fear, control and division. 

The next James Bond might be transexual. The Ghostbusters became black and or feminist retards and Hollywood is churning out reel after reel of woke wanker wonder to become box office flops. All in the interest of woke multi letter, alphabet obsessed idiots who have the intelligence of a gnat and the critical thinking ability of a severely disabled piece of pond scum. The idea of a smoking straight male was just too terrible to endure. 



However, I suspect that they are running out of steam and realising that being woke does mean going broke and maybe it is time to cut the bull and embrace the audience who used to pay their bills.

Only I think that they have left their run too late. Just look at what happened with the Sallies ( Salvation Army ). 

They blew it. It was the old school conservative male, female and kids who put the bucks in the buckets. 


All we hear these days are the voices of wimpy men and high pitched shrieking women all expounding the virtues of purple hair, transgenderism and abortion on demand. 

I do not think it will be too long before normal men will only date normal women. The whinging wanker women will wander off to explore their hairy armpits, their obsession with self and their quest to dominate what is left of masculinity.

They will ride the ghost train of fear and wonder why, when they emerge out of this faux fear fantasy there is no one left to pick up the pieces.

Their emasculated soyboys will have been replaced by moslem rapists, their pink pussy hats replaced by burkas and their choice on abortion will have become a constant and perpetual pregnancy to the men who they fought to save in the interests of " social justice. "

The below video is very disturbing. 2017.


When they cry out to be saved, the normal men will be married to normal women, having normal children and - having never gone down the ghost train of fear - will have normal, good old fashioned immune systems.

The reality is that the people who have been fortunate enough ( and I use that word reservedly ) to escape the injection of death of humanity, will be the last people standing.  

Whether we stand alone or in defiance of a new race is anyone's guess.

I read an article recently that said:

Christmas, most of us understand, is as much about the world descending into cyclical darkness as it is about the birth of a religious figure who signifies our recognition of the very light that makes darkness visible. You also understand, of course, that demons and monsters dwell in the darkness, that they spawn in it. This year, the darkness seems darker than any darkness we remember, and so we may be astonished when the light returns to our world. Eventually, we’ll memorialize the monsters and they will frighten children for generations to come.

I know it’s hard to even imagine generations to come at this moment in history. There is even some question whether human beings will be able to reproduce after the dastardly things we’ve done to our own chemistry. But this isn’t the end of us, not yet anyway. Let’s act as if it’s not, at least. We don’t know for sure where our story goes from here, but we have some say in it depending on what we do. Just knowing that there is a difference between story-telling and story-making is a good start in rediscovering what men are for.

One thing men are responsible for is bringing order to the world. They don’t always succeed, but it must be their duty to make the effort, and it’s not wise to distract them with histrionics when they attempt to do that, or shame them for trying. You are not excused from your duty in any case, American men. It’s not okay to pretend to be women to escape your duty. The women must not allow the men to hide among them and pretend to be them. They must insist that you be men.

One of your duties as men is to oppose false realities to preserve meaning, and you do that first by insisting on being upright yourself and speaking of things as they really are so that you can do with them what you must do. And this is the meaning of authority, which has been submerged in the flood we’re riding on, this flood of false realities drowning the meaning of everything.

I know this makes for a harsh Christmas. It is where we happen to be: the flood-tide of darkness. Do what you can with it, knowing that it marks some kind of turning. I promise you, the light is coming.


Let us hope that the light is the light at the end of the tunnel and not an approaching ghost train. 

Either way, it was many years ago that I made a decision not to take a ticket, never go to the circus and  to accept that things these days are not fun and not fair. Because I know that a circus is like the government and the OWNERS of the circus ensure that YOU never win. The only way that they keep the circus alive is with chains, cages and fear. 

I would say that the circus is thriving. Ticket for the ghost train, anyone? 

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