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The latest is the US Marines will get the push if they don't have the Jab.   Who would have imagined we would have reached the stage where servicemen and women are being threatened with dismissal if they don't comply.  
Our nurses and    all our Health workers are being threatened with the same treatment if they don't toe the party line and comply .   Doctors who took a vow to look after people and take care of them are deregistered if they  say anything negative about the  various vaccines.  If they mention some of the reactions people  are experiencing they are  immediately told shut up or you will be deregistered.     Many simply cannot afford to  continue to be outspoken so have to suppress there voices and comply.  

Can you imagine if we were told it is  mandatory  for everyone to smoke cigarettes ,  told it was good for your health to  fill your lungs with all the poisons that  would finally destroy your body.     Light up your  favourite cigar  , no one is allowed to go anywhere or sit in a café if you don't smoke a  hit of tobacco .

The next on the list is  gambling,  just imagine if you had to participate in the pokies , join the gathering of punters at the race course  ,  casinos  are a place of mandatory gathering.   We want your money so you have to gamble .    Advertising the joys of losing your money , even your house and family , teaching your kids the excitement of putting cash on the table and losing it.

I can remember …  here I go with I remember when.... It is the mid  60's , my husband and I arrived in Sydney for a visit and a holiday , stayed at the  Masonic Hotel  and they had of all things  5 cent pokies.   I do not gamble but felt  it might be exciting to see how something like that worked.   I had several   5 cent pieces in my wallet and proceeded to pop them into the machine.    Guess what I won …   the jack pot of $25.00  .  Meant a bit more in those days.  I gathered the money and have never put another  cent into another machine.  
Horse gambling... I had a neighbour who couldn't get to the TAB and asked me if I would oblige.  He gave me $10.00 to put on this particular horse.. this is still the mid 60.s,  I thought fancy spending that much money it must be sure thing , I was tempted and put 10 shillings  on the  bet.    It won and paid a lovely sum of money … can't remember how much ,  he gave me a tip for the  trouble , I didn't tell him I had won money too.   Never been to a horse race in my life and never indulged in a bet again.
Now alcohol just   imagine again if everyone was told whether you like it or not you have to  drink a certain amount of alcohol  every day.   Whether it agreed with you or you didn't like the taste,  or it  upset you , you had to participate in its consumption.   Everyone drunk , fights and violence , not everyone would be the fun drunk.   Most of us are happy hour participants and do not overdo the   drinking .    Imagine it you weren't allowed in a shop or a  gathering somewhere if you did not arrive smelling of a beer or a  wine or a brandy.

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I know nothing about drugs, but put them in the same bracket,  You have to have a white   pill   or smoke some mix of illusion making  growth.  Mandatory... what an outcry. 
 What are they doing at the moment the same thing  , Mandatory vaccinations or else.  They are not taking into consideration  whether people have allergies  , have health issues that make it dangerous ,  have had scares in the past with regard to various  medications.     No excuses , everyone has to obey , comply, for their own good.


So sad and they are now trying to get the 5 to 11 year olds to  have the vaccine,  when if they stopped the lockdowns and allowed the kids back on the beach , back in the park and playing their    favourite sport their systems would be so healthy it would fight of any bug that dared look at them.
Our servicemen , our Health workers Doctors and Nurses  , even our Police are being told comply or else.  All given deadline dates.   The ordinary person in the street has to  either be treated like a contagious leper  or join the line  .     So absolutely sad not to have the choice, the option  to make the decision ourselves.

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