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One of our most dearly beloved readers is celebrating his 89th birthday today.   Malcolm recently said to me that  "  I lived a childhood that was so uneventful that it was what some would say was safe.  It was happy... kind. I never knew anything other than happiness. Life was carefree and exciting, for although war clouds were gathering there was no hint of concern that I could detect. "  

Well Malcolm, what a wonderful testimony to life.  

Happy Birthday dear friend, on your 89th birthday. Happy birthday to you. As a devoted cat lover, I am sure your fur babies will be celebrating your big day.   


Not Meggsie but you never know....! 

I knew and know little about that man who posts on my blog called Malcolm. He is a voice over the internet and a face that I have only seen on his podcast where he celebrates his love of music. He is a commenter here and there and a man who exudes commonsense. Malcolm is...... well, Malcolm. Someone who has a calming voice and a person who never gets angry or does anything other than question or praise. He rarely criticises and most often steps back from controversy. 

He is what most of us know as a good man. And it has been confirmed that this is so. 

We have some commenters here on our small but vibrant blog. Most are older people who, through years of experience, have sat back and nodded and said " yes, I remember when... "

People like Redhead who is older by a few months - having gained 89 years of age in June of this year. 

Our older mainstays are our life force and long may they live.

Malcolm is one of the kindest people I have never met.

He is one of the wisest people I have never met.

We live in a world where friendship is not created on the floor of the supermarket but on the computer keyboard of a blog.

Covid has created friendships between people who have never met and are unlikely to ever meet.

Life, these days, is all about communicating in whatever way we can. With friends, with strangers, or with those whose faces we have never seen, will never know in reality and yet we are strangely content with them " just being them. "'


I have some words from Malcolm's daughter Fiona;  words I wish to share with you all. Sorry, Malcolm, I was a bit sneaky and made contact with her and she has obliged by sharing an insight to the man she loves and knows as her Pa. 

You can tell us off later for being naughty kids but we probably will not be that contrite.

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So here are some snippets from a delightful and loving email I received from Malcolm's daughter in celebration of her Pa and the man who we have come to love and respect for just being OUR Malcolm.

" Through my contacts within my work, Pa met a couple who were involved with the local radio station. Over the course of a few years they tried valiantly to get him involved but he always resisted. But over time they wore him down and for quite a few years now he has had his own music programme on Radio 97.1 Sweet FM - The Sound of the Burdekin.

He spends an inordinate amount of time researching every imaginable aspect of each and every song, artist etc but only a very small percentage actually goes to air.
Years ago when the show went out over a different format, he actually had regular listeners in Argentina, Moscow, all over the US of A, UK and Wales, Ireland…. People would contact him on facebook and one such lot was a group of office cleaners in Ireland who would all go in to work cleaning at night but end up sitting round drinking coffee and dunking biscuits while they listened to Pa’s radio show !! If memory serves, I think they may have even called in during one programme to prove they really were Irish and really were (supposedly) cleaning offices.
People would send in requests and he would not rest until he could accomodate every single one. He was contacted by a chap in Moscow who requested he play a particular song on a particular date at a very particular time, which he did do. Turned out it was the song played at this chap’s parents wedding some 70 yrs earlier. The parents would always listen to Pa’s programme while having their breakfast there in Moscow. Couldn’t understand a word of English but loved the music. Then on comes their wedding song on their 70th anniversary with a very admirable attempt at some kind of dedication to them being for their anniversary. Apparently that neighbourhood in Moscow was awash with tears as well as vodka that day. 
All part of the service folks, happy to be of assistance.
And that’s my Pa in a nutshell. 
Happy to be of service, how can I help ?
But apart from his continuing role as DJ extraordinaire, he potters about the " interweb " these days, getting all fired up about things worldwide and political, drinking way too much coffee and being manservant to two very spoiled rotten cats, Meggsie and Tabatha. That’s his world. And thank goodness for Patriot Realm. We had both lost faith in people’s ability to communicate or make any sense at all online then he came across your page and he was like a homing pigeon coming home. 
That’s him. 
So the scoreboard says :
Malcolm Kirke
Father 10/10
Husband I reckon Mum would give a 10 but mark it a 9 so he wouldn’t get a big head.
Boss Man for 45 years 10/10
Grammar Nazi (If you want to see fireworks, put an apostrophe in the wrong place and step back )
Manservant to 2 spoiled brat cats
Radio DJ
Coffee drinker
Supporter of chocolate, licorice and Anzac biscuit industries
He looks exactly the same as he did 40 years ago except the hair is now almost all white and the tan has faded because he’s indoors most of the time. 
Keep up the great work at Patriotrealm, you all do a fantastic job and you’re keeping a nearly 89yr old man happy and off the streets "


I couldn't find a song saying Happy Birthday Malcolm so this will have to do. Happy Birthday, Go give your daughter a hug. And forgive us for being sneaky.



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