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As has been reported on Gateway Pundit, The results from canvassing efforts in Arizona are now out…this is a separate exercise from the Maricopa County audit the Arizona Senate is sponsoring.

However, for all of those who knew this election was stolen, those who were ridiculed or labeled conspiracy theorists – You have been vindicated.  Perhaps this is an opportunity to revisit a landmark decision handed down by the United States Supreme Court in the case of The United States versus Throckmorton.

 Back in 1878, a landmark decision was handed down by the United States Supreme Court. 

In a nutshell, it was ruled that if fraud was used to defeat the ends of justice; then the party aggrieved by the fraud automatically wins the support of the law. 

Vitiate means to " spoil or make useless. "  To impair the quality of, corrupt, debase, contaminate. 

universal deceit orwell 523

This U.S. Supreme Court ruling also determined that fraud vitiates contracts.  Cancels them

An election is essentially a binding contract between the electorate and the elected. This contract is irreparably destroyed should voter fraud and election cyber-crimes be proven. 

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Trump would automatically win the election. Why would Trump automatically win? Because, according to the ruling back in 1878, once any or all those intentional frauds have been proven in court, whether by judge or jury, the so-called Biden victory would  be vacated permanently. 

Because Fraud Vitiates EVERYTHING. 

As Sir Humprey said in " Yes Minister " don't start an enquiry unless you know the outcome. 

At the heart of this is the Dominion scandal. The Sctyl  scandal. 

It goes beyond the scope of this opinion piece to detail the developments that have been published elsewhere. I did find a link to some details that may be of interest to some readers

The Dominion voting machines are used throughout the world. 


Meanwhile, most people are ignoring Trump's Executive Order back in 2017. It imposed certain sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. 

Here is the link to the report.

What is interesting about this report is that would explain the weakest presidential candidate in history hiding in his basement promising tax increase, getting more votes than any person in history.

As September 11th hovers like a ghost on the horizon, Biden has seen 20 years of trying to rebuild the Afghan Military a roaring success: he has given the Taliban a marvellously well equipped military. He has also given it a very lucrative new export and one that Biden himself will profit greatly from. 


Obama traded U.S. Army private Bowe Bergdahl in 2014 in a controversial exchange involving the release of five Taliban officials from Guantanamo Bay. The Democrats and Obama had no problem paying $5 Billion and the released of five Taliban prisoners for "Deserter" Bergdahl.

Now, today, four of these men are now part of the new hardline government in Afghanistan, according to local media reports.

The four members of the so-called “Taliban Five” who have joined the new government are Acting Director of Intelligence Abdul Haq Wasiq, Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs Norullah Noori, Deputy Defense Minister Mohammad Fazl, and Acting Minister of Information and Culture Khairullah Khairkhah. The fifth member of the Taliban Five, Mohammad Nabi Omari, was appointed governor of eastern Khost province last month.

America and the world need to hope and pray that fraud does vitiate everything and we can get back to some strength and decency. 

What is happening to our world cannot continue. 





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