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Almost 200 years ago this expression was first used … “bolt hole”.

It has a few meanings, …  a hole in an animal's den, or through a wall or fence, used for escape or emergency exit; i.e. a hole the animal may bolt through, or (figurative) a second home, etc. where a person can go to escape the stresses of everyday life.


In these troubled and uncertain times, many will be searching for a bolt hole. It is said that Churchill’s bolt hole was a pub, and though many would agree,


It would perhaps be wiser to choose something less dangerous


There is little doubt though, that most of us have need of private space, a hideaway and sanctuary from the cruel and destructive lockdowns which, for no positive result, are inflicting on a defenceless population immense economic and emotional damage. Add to this the threat to employment for those who decide not to accept the vaccine, so called, which we are assured will not be mandatory, although it is becoming obvious that imposed conditions on those making that decision will virtually make it a fait accompli.


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Already some large employers have signalled that they will require employees to accept the jab to ensure continued employment, even though this is not legal, and many who cannot afford to lose the pay packet will be forced to submit.

Two other factors also come into play … there is considerable concern at the huge and ever increasing number of reports of serious adverse effects experienced by those who have accepted the injection. Many claim that this applies only to a very small number of people and that the products are still to be regarded as safe, effective, and desirable. Increasing numbers of reliable reports world wide dispute that claim. It has also been confirmed that the administration of these products will not prevent people from being infected or from passing it on, although it may lessen its severity. 

Even lockdowns do not appear to work.



The final nail in the coffin of Good Sense and Logic ( aka the log book of love and commonsense) appeared in the apparent campaign completely to ignore any suggestion that the extensive use of Ivermectin may well be very useful in dealing with this increasingly worrying and worsening problem. Experience in overseas countries indicates a degree of success but the idea isn’t exhaustively discussed in Australia.

Surely getting out of this tunnel is obvious? Head to the light instead of the darkness?

I cannot understand why we are being told to head into the darkness of despair and fear instead of heading to the light of freedom?

Australian Professor Thomas Borody. based on research by Australian scientists at the Doherty Institute and Monash University, discovered the cure for peptic ulcers using a triple-therapy, and has developed a triple-therapy for Covid using safe, cheap, approved medications.

Obviously not a man to be treated with disdain.

From August 2020

And Doctors are prescribing his therapy in Australia and the key medication — ivermectin — it is being used in various combinations around the world and has been given a green light around the world with dramatically reducing cases and deaths in cases of Covid.

Why has ivermectin been given the blockade in Australia?

Professor John Skerritt, head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has to answer before another Australian dies of Covid.

The TGA says more robust clinical trials are needed yet officials in Mexico showed a quicker way to test ivermectin’s efficacy and save lives in a pandemic.

And it worked.


Why is Australia so absent in its consideration of Ivermectin?

The TGA organised a trial last year and distributed an ivermectin therapy to anyone who tested positive and wanted to take the drug between November and January. Of the 200,000 people who tested positive, there was a 76% reduction in hospitalisation in the 80,000 people that used ivermectin.

On efficacy, Israel released data that showed that the majority vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine are up against the same risk of testing positive as unvaccinated individuals.

In the last twenty years, Pfizer has paid over $US 4.6 billion in fines for false claims, safety violations and many other offences as well as having sold defective heart valves, misled regulators, settled a bribery scandal and tested a dangerous drug on Nigerian children without consent from their parents in which eleven died and dozens were disabled.

AstraZeneca pleaded guilty to the illegal marketing of multiple drugs including for uses not approved as safe and effective, paying millions in fines.

Why is it that I am not that enamoured with them, given their track record?


Our governments have staked everything on vaccines and ignored the real efficacy:

That of doing the job that it was expected or required to do.

So far, I am not prepared to trust these so called treatments.

I am more inclined to trust ivermectin and the efficacy of results.

Let us think about it: Ivermectin is cheap. It works.

And that is why the governments do not want it.

Thank goodness we have our boltholes and places to escape. But they are becoming harder and harder to find.

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