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Throughout history, assassins would use poison to try and rid themselves of their target. The person in power was vulnerable to attack and one of the easiest ways of ridding their adversary ( their political opponent )  was to poison them.

It was normally administered in their food or drink and, in a few short moments, the opposition was removed. 

It became customary to employ an official food taster who had the dubious honour of eating a sample of the meal or sipping from the cup. If the taster failed to die, then the person in power deemed it safe to eat their meal and sup their wine.

It is extraordinary to me that people are queuing up to volunteer to become the official food tasters for these vaccines so that, We, The People, who ultimately hold the POWER , are safe to live and carry on our lives. To them, I say thank you. Your sacrifice is appreciated.

Food tasters can be found throughout history. From the early days of the Roman Empire, the Emperors employed official food tasters.  Emperor Claudius employed a bloke named Halotus who was a eunuch and is remembered by historical scholars as being his murderer - which is somewhat ironic in a way. 


Joseph-Noël Sylvestre: Locusta testing in Nero's presence the poison prepared for Britannicus.

One example of a food taster ‘doing his job’ features in the tale of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. History remembers them as two lovers, yet they seemed to have distrusted each other. According to Pliny, during the time leading up to the fateful Battle of Actium in 31 BC, Mark Antony kept a food taster on hand at all times, as he distrusted Cleopatra and was concerned that she would poison him when she no longer had any use for him.

Pliny goes on to state that Cleopatra found this rather amusing, and decided to, at a banquet, wear a circlet of flowers, of which their extremities were dipped in poison, on her head. As the feasting went on, the atmosphere became increasingly merry, and Cleopatra challenged Mark Antony to swallow the flowers by mixing them with wine. Mark Antony could not refuse the challenge, and nearly drank the poisoned wine when Cleopatra stopped him. She then summoned his food taster, who, needless to say, dropped dead after drinking the wine. Thus, Cleopatra demonstrated to Mark Antony that the best precaution he had against being poisoned was to trust her.

During the Second World War, a group of young women were forced into becoming food tasters for Hitler. In 2014, the last surviving food taster of the Führer, Margot Wölk, told of her harrowing experience as a food taster. 


She and 14 other young women were selected by the local mayor and brought to the barracks in nearby Krausendorf (now Kruszewiec, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Poland), where cooks prepared food for the Wolf's Lair in a two-story building. Wölk was picked up by a bus daily from her mother-in-law's residence. The tasting took place daily from 11 to 12 o'clock.The service personnel filled platters with vegetables, sauces, noodle dishes, and exotic fruits, placing them in a room with a large wooden table, where the food had to be tasted. "There was never meat because Hitler was a vegetarian," Wölk said in an interview."The food was good ... very good. But we couldn't enjoy it." There were rumors of Allied plans to poison Hitler. After the women confirmed that the food was safe, members of the SS brought it to the main headquarters in crates.


Margot Wölk dared to speak out and recall the constant fear she felt for more than two years while she was one of Adolf Hitler's official food tasters. 
She said that with the passage of time she was able to learn to enjoy food again since while she was tasting what the Führer was going to eat later, she felt the fear that this bite would be the last.

After Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg's failed 20 July plot in 1944 in the Wolf's Lair to assassinate Adolf Hitler and remove the Nazi Party from power, the security around the Wolf's Lair was tightened, the food tasters were no longer allowed to stay at home. Instead, they were boarded in a vacant school building nearby. Each morning at 8 AM, Wölk was rousted by the SS, who shouted "Margot, get up!" from beneath her window. By that time, she was only needed if Hitler was actually at the Wolf's Lair. Later in 1944, when the Soviet Red Army was just a few kilometers away from reaching the Wolf's Lair, a lieutenant took Wölk aside and put her on a train to Berlin. After the war ended, Wölk met the lieutenant again, and he told her that all of the other 14 food tasters had been killed by Soviet soldiers

As Wölk returned to Berlin, she fell into the hands of the Soviet Army after the end of the Battle of Berlin. For two weeks, they raped her repeatedly, inflicting such injuries that she was never able to bear children. In 1946, she was reunited with her husband Karl; he was marked by years of war and imprisonment, but the married couple lived happily together until his death in 1980.

For decades after the war, Wölk never talked about what happened in Gross-Partsch; however, the experience came to her often in dreams. It was not until December 2012, on her 95th birthday, when a local Berlin journalist from the newspaper Berliner Zeitung paid her a visit and began asking questions, that she spoke about what she calls the worst years of her life  It was then, she suddenly decided to break her silence. She died in 2014. source

Which brings me to Covid and Vaccinations.


Millions of people around the world are lining up to receive a vaccination that is not thoroughly tested and has removed all liability from the manufacturers. If these people get ill or die, they did it voluntarily and they or their surviving family members cannot sue for reparations. 

The governments around the world are absolved from responsibility because they were acting on health advice.

The health advice is not disclosed to the members of the public.

Should things go bugger up, all fingers will point to the " medical experts "  who will be asked such questions as " where did you get your medical advice from ? What sources did you use? On whose  judgement or advice or opinion did you rely? " and they will no doubt say that they do not recall or cannot remember.

People wonder why I am reluctant to get vaccinated. I am not anti vaccination. Quite the contrary.

However, I am not prepared to be the official taste tester and ingest what may turn out to be poison, just so that I can get a get out of jail free card and pass go and collect $200.


As it stands, the official taste testers are not getting to " go " because they are being sent to Covid jail, just like me. 

You may all line up to be a volunteer taste tester, but, for me, I am happy to wait, go hungry for a while and look for signs that the poison exists, may be slow acting or indeed was never there in the first place.

I would prefer to get a dose of  tummy rumbles from the hunger of being ostracised, rather than dying from a potential poison in the form of an untested so called vaccine that may be slow acting and gives time for the perpetrator to escape, cover his tracks and declare

" It's a new variant. " 

By all means, get vaccinated. By all means, tell me to join you in your last hurrah. By all means, castigate me for refusing to join you in your endeavour. 


But please, do not ORDER me to line up, as did poor Margot Wolk and do something that I do not wish to do in order to justify your sacrifice for the " common good."

We live in societies that used to afford us the protection of Freedom. Freedom of Choice.

When people are ordered to taste the food or lose their job or their fundamental human rights, one has to question how long it will be before we must starve or risk dying from food poisoning. Neither outcome is one I relish and I am fast losing my appetite if this is the best life can serve up.

Bon appetit.  


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