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She just can’t help herself, can she? Back on the front pages of all the gossip columns, MSM tabloids because Trump said that she said… oh come on, give me and the world a break .

She did say that “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, not because she is a woman, but because Trump has made it easy to see that you don’t really want that kind of world that he’s painting,” 

President Trump said "I wasn’t referring to 'she’s nasty.' I said she was nasty about me. And essentially I didn’t know she was nasty about me,"

Who cares? Seriously who gives a shit?


Me,me,Meghan is apparently on maternity leave from her “ Royal Duties. “ Yet she still manages to hit the headlines. Hell, she is like Turnbull, the previous Prime Minister of Australia. The gift that keeps on giving.

Personally, I think she is nasty and I feel that she is the worst thing that has ever happened to the modern Royal Family – apart from the murder of Lady Di or course. But I digress. If I was her, I would be avoiding Paris tunnels in the backseat of a Mercedes for a very long time. Just saying.

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Harry, can you do us a favour and have a brother or sister for Archie? At least we would have 3 months a year without having to listen to her, see or hear or have anything to do with her. Please? Though, I must admit, I think that Harry is being ruled by a “ Royal Figure “ that makes decisions that perhaps he will live to regret. Standing tall and proud for the sake of the Kingdom is one thing, but maybe he has taken it too far?

Here we are, in the middle of one of the most important State visits that Britain and USA have had in many a year – and up pops Me Me again.

Despite her protestations that she wishes to avoid the Public eye and “ live a quiet life “ , Me Me is very adept at having the spotlight shone on her… yet always so very reluctantly. Of course. After all, who would marry the son of the heir to the British throne and come from an acting background and expect to lead a quiet life?

Get off the grass woman.  You love the limelight; you thrive on the press and you crave attention.

Being locked up in a multi million dollar mansion in the British countryside with a nanny or 3 and hubby out wining and dining was not what you signed up for. You want to be out wHining and dining.Let’s face it, without the “ H “ factor, you would be a D grade actress wearing a suit and wHining, wining, dining and denying that you are past your use by date and only good for re runs at 2 am.

Instead, you are not getting your piccie taken and you had to get a few old mates to write a story and resurrect an old bit of Trump Trivia to make sure that your name is still up in lights.

Trump doesn’t care what this person says, doesn’t say,

do or doesn’t do. And neither do I.

I much prefer looking at the photo of the REAL Royal, The Queen, engaging with Trump and looking delighted that she is having a chat with someone worth listening to and being with.


Forget the Fringe Dwellers of so called Society. If the Queen likes Trump, then that is good enough for me. If he could have sat down and had a conversation with Her Royal Majesty and Nige, I think Britain would be sorted and Me Me Meghan would be eating popcorn with Harry and Archie and wondering why her starring role turned out to be a box office flop.

For myself, I want the name of her skin care people and hair care people. Then again, I couldn't afford them. 


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