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  1. Fair cop. I have a major problem with men that trade in the vintage car that has given reliability, good fuel economy and a comfortable ride over many years – only to send it to the junkyard and trade it in for a new model.

It pisses me off. The new model may be a later year and have better upholstery but let’s be honest, it doesn’t feel the same once you have sat in the seat for a few months or years. There is something about the old comfy car that you like to cast your mind back on and reflect with pleasure.

It was a damned good car.

Poor old Barnaby Joyce. He really did screw his career because he traded in his ute and got a sports car. Hardly a good look for a man in the public eye and one from the bush.


Whatever – it is old news. What I like in particular is the fact that his old vintage car has been fully restored and is now a hot motherfucker of a car and leaves the Ute for dead. However, he is stuck with the sportie model and the vintage model de Lorean is one hell of a nice looking vehicle.


But I digress.

He has, as we say, “ made his bed “ and he is lying in it. Obviously with great success as a new baby is on the way.

But has this anything to do with his Political Career?

I do not like or admire Barnaby Joyce as a man. I do not. I find his lack of moral loyalty unpleasant and repugnant.

But I admire and like his Political stance.

Let’s be fair. I want a Politician, not a Pastor.

Is his morality any worse than Bill Shorten when he was accused of rape? Was it any worse than Anthony Albanese when he was accused of frequenting a brothel for a massage? Or Bob Hawke when he popped his love with Blanche and left Hazel humiliated and bereft?

When I compare Barnaby Joyce with others who have gone before him, he is actually not that bad. And what makes me feel better, as a woman, is that his wife has the last laugh. She is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Sorry Barnaby, you lucked out there.


Well, ScoMo , why have you dropped Barnaby from the Cabinet and from any position of impact? His morality or his incompetence? Or some other reason? Why?

Barnaby is a committed Country Representative and it is madness to make him a Lazarus, an exile.

Because, if you follow the Bible, you know that Lazarus was exiled but came back from the dead.

I would be careful Scomo. Bloody careful.

Barnaby Joyce may not be your Judas but he is certainly a disciple that reminds me of St Peter. It may not be good.

You got rid of Judas Turnbull; you contained your disciples yet you never got your key 12 disciples. You are still surrounded by those that make me think of Judas.

Go back to the Gospels Scomo.

When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders.

“I have sinned,” he said, “for I have betrayed innocent blood.”

 “What is that to us?” they replied. “That’s your responsibility.” 

hmm... .....Amen.

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