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Our nation is in crisis. Everything from our educational system, voting system, economy, and everything in between is a mess.  

This includes the overreaching democratic party and even more troubling, the timid and lazy republican party. They have thus far failed to embrace, teach, and promote Amendment X, also known as the Tenth Amendment.

For over a decade, I’ve been a huge supporter of Amendment X.  At one time, when I was on Radio, I read Amendment X live on air. I gave real time examples of how Amendment X could be used to elevate Life, Liberty, and Freedom and yet, only a lukewarm response was received. 

Now, after witnessing this constitutional crisis thrust upon us from the pandemic, we are now witnessing the FBI’s actions in real-time as they raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.  We’ve also discovered not even Trump’s lawyer was allowed on the property during the search. 

Recently, we’ve learned the Federal Government has funded over 80,000 IRS agents with weapons and ammunition. 


After the stolen election, it Is clear tyranny is on our doorstep. If this isn’t stopped, tyranny is coming to your front door disguised as “Safety and Security.”

This past April, I authored an article titled:  America’s First Must Demand and use the Tenth Amendment

Amendment X

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The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

We must use Amendment X to nullify the FBI and other federal agencies. We must return the federal government to a limited government capacity.  By doing so, will elevate Life, Liberty, and Freedom. By taking this action much can be accomplished by the We the people, without having to compromise. 

After the raid on Trump’s home, could it be any clearer the division is no longer left or right, but rather progressivism and communism vs. Life, Liberty, and Freedom?

Our founders codified within the Bill of Rights a constitutional solution known as Amendment X. The amendment allows states and We the People to nullify federal overreach and federal tyranny. 



We must hold in our hands the great truth our founders provided as part of our birthright. And we must capitalize on ending tyranny peacefully by securing in our hearts, our minds, and our steadfast actions to use the Tenth Amendment.

Our window of opportunity to use the Tenth Amendment is closing.

Once our nation is overwhelmed with an elevated level of tyranny, the elites intend to use martial law, poverty and even war as an end game.

Let it be claimed by freedom loving Americans to go forth and teach the Tenth Amendment and by action, challenge our localities and states with the simple pronouncement to pursue the Tenth Amendment as a bold action,

Enough is enough.



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