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 The Circus is in town. The paid lackies erect the Big Top and the performers arrive to entertain the masses. 

The Ringmaster is coordinating the show. He speaks with each and every performer before they come on centre stage. 

People buy a ticket to see the show and hope that it will be bigger and better than last time. They queue for hours. 

" Roll up, roll up! " we hear. All across town. This will be the best circus you have ever seen.... 


And we buy our ticket and wait in line and believe that this, THIS, will be the performance we have waited for.

The curtain goes up.

The strong man is on centre stage. We all like him. 


But, all of a sudden, in comes the bearded lady and she drops the strong man to the floor. She also wipes the floor with the pretty dancer who performed with the puppies last time the circus visited. 

Then, shock.. the cute kids who danced and sang the National Anthem last year are now singing about the bearded lady. 

There are murmurs in the crowd. 

We want our money back. We bought a ticket to a show and we didn't get the strong man or the little kids. All we got was the bearded lady and the dancing poodles.


The Ringmaster stands in the middle of the tent and smiles. He says " This is a circus. You knew that before you bought your ticket. " 

The audience erupt. They walk out. But the ticket office is closed. There is no possibility of a refund. 

Here ends my analogy. 

Elections ARE being stolen all around the world. " They " know it. We know it. 

We voted for the strong man and we got the bearded lady and the dancing poodles. 

In Australia, there is little that we can do under our constitution or our law. Our protestations meet with a deafening silence. Any thoughts of protest are met with a hostile police FORCE and a very unsympathetic government or media. 

However, for all of those in America who know that elections are stolen, those who were ridiculed or labeled conspiracy theorists – American Patriots have every right to feel angry. You have a remedy, if only the courts would allow you to use it. And that is why the courts will not hear a case against election fraud, in my humble opinion. Because they know that the fraud would be exposed and the elections overturned. 

Perhaps this is an opportunity to revisit a landmark decision handed down by the United States Supreme Court in the case of The United States versus Throckmorton.

Back in 1878, a landmark decision was handed down by the United States Supreme Court. 

In a nutshell, it was ruled that if fraud was used to defeat the ends of justice; then the party aggrieved by the fraud automatically wins the support of the law. 

Vitiate means to " spoil or make useless. "  To impair the quality of, corrupt, debase, contaminate. 

universal deceit orwell 523

This U.S. Supreme Court ruling also determined that fraud vitiates contracts.  Cancels them

An election is essentially a binding contract between the electorate and the elected. This contract is irreparably destroyed should voter fraud and election cyber-crimes be proven. 

Screen Shot 2020 11 08 at 5.32.10 PM

Trump would automatically have won the election back in 2020. Why would Trump automatically win? Because, according to the ruling back in 1878, once any or all those intentional frauds have been proven in court, whether by judge or jury, the so-called Biden victory would  be vacated permanently. 

Because Fraud Vitiates EVERYTHING. 

Hence the concerted effort to prevent ANY investigation into fraudulent elections. 

As Sir Humprey said in " Yes Minister " don't start an enquiry unless you know the outcome. 

The Dominion voting machines are used throughout the world. 


And do not forget Trump's Executive Order back in 2017. It imposed certain sanctions in the event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. 

No wonder they want him gone. Forever. 

Politics has become so dirty folks. It is so covered in mud and filth that I wonder how it can keep sitting in the driver's seat. 

Politicians pretending to be in charge. 

We all know who is in charge. 

And it has nothing to do with Australian politicians, American politicians, Canadian politicians or New Zealand politicians. They are merely the bloke sitting in the driver's seat pretending that they are in charge of the vehicle we call our lives.



Enough is enough. 

America and the world need to hope and pray that fraud does vitiate everything and we can get back to some strength and decency. 

What is happening to our world cannot continue.  And the only way we can restore normality is to fix election fraud. Florida proved that. 

Forget your power to vote being a sacred right and duty. Forget believing that your vote matters. Because it doesn't. 

" They " are providing the circus performance in the Big Tent and allowing us to believe that we are a member of the troupe. But, let's face it: we are merely spectators and allowed to watch the politicians be the acrobats and clowns while the circus owner dictates the choreography and ends up with the grand finale of his choosing. Plus, he gets to pocket the profits. 

Until someone is allowed to go behind the scenes and see how the magic tricks are performed, all we are seeing is an illusion. 

Yet, strangely enough, the audience erupts in thunderous applause and the acrobats bow and the circus conductor counts the money and smiles as he pats his performing clowns and acrobats and says

"Job well done. "






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