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When works of Fiction become works of fact we have a problem. And this is what is happening globally with the Vaccine Vultures, Greens, Greta, Sir David Attenborough and the United Nations pushing their barrow of bull to eager readers of Fan Fiction throughout the world. 

They are peddling pulp fiction to the masses and the masses are lapping it up. What makes it worse is that the media are their publicists and doing a fine job of promoting their garbage to the gullible gang of no-hopers who swallow their garbage hook line and sinker.

Yes. a few mixed metaphors there, but you get my drift.

I watched a video clipsome time ago- beautiful.  It showed the magnificence of Nature and was entitled " 3874 days left for the planet. "

The comments were amazing.

In Ireland, someone laments " I can still remember when we had rain and snow here in Ireland but looking out, all I can see now is the expanse of desert, rocks and sand, shimmering under the brutal sun..."

Another person says "All that climate emergency is too much to bear. I almost couldn't watch it...."

Yes, there are those of us who still have a sense of humour and can take the mickey out of the deluded crazy left who think that emotional blackmail is the way to impose their collective Will on the People of this planet.

Yet, as the rain falls, the grass grows, the earth in its infinite wisdom renews , the gurus of global gobsmacking goonery try to convince us that we are counting down to global annihilation because of Trump, Coal, Oil and Dams, it is comforting to know that beauty and Nature will beat the crazies, even if the Conservative Politicians can't... or won't. 

Tony Heller - music written by Leonard Cohen

My take out from this footage was the poor little dog - I wish he had a coat on. Poor little chap would have had cold feet with all that global warming going on.  But maybe the footage was misleading? Sir David Attenborough would probably be assuring us that little Toto was actually standing in hot plastic that has mutated and resembles snow but is actually a toxic bi product of Walrus mass suicide

The maker of this video nails it. The idea that Nature, God, whatever name you choose to give the Creator of this wondrous world we call home , is ultimately in charge and is a Mother, Father, Parent... call him, her, it. Ze whatever you like, that entity is in charge. Not Greta, not David Attenborough, not the Greens, the United Nations, the looney left or the apologist Conservatives posing as concerned Custodians of our 3rd Rock from the Sun. 

No. They are merely manipulative, inconsequential entities who come and go and become dinosaurs and melt into the icy depths of history when there time is done.

As an avid reader of Science Fiction, Space Fantasy and Futuristic Fiction, I recognise that the human mind is capable of enormous imaginings. Some turn out uncannily accurate and others less so.

But they are fiction nonetheless. 

pandoras star

Like Global Warming that will lead to the End of the World, this is merely a chapter in a book whose ending has yet to be written.

Any great epic book - whether it be written about this planet, this world, this society or a single person in a single place.... it is a book, written from one person's perspective and may be read by millions or none at all. 

Fiction. Hypotheses. Opinion.


When an author chooses to turn a work of fiction into a Religious movement or cult, we should all be alarmed. When governments do it we should be positively outraged.

One only has to look at the Work of a certain Mr L Ron Hubbard who made a fortune out of turning Science Fiction into a lucrative business. Scientology. I could be wrong of course. Mr L Ron Hubbard could be on the money and it is I who needs to wake up and open my eyes..... and Prince Charles is right and we are about to see the end of the world. Bad luck for him - He and Carmilla may sit on the throne , but, it will not be long enough to read the morning paper or complete the Times Crossword if he is correct and the planet that is our world is about to end.

As one commenter said: 

 " Humans have barely scratched the surface of Truth. Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding challenges everything..."


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