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A few years ago the only scooter in our area was my late husband's Mobility scooter.   Registered with the  Transport Department , all legal and  above board.   ( Australian vernacular for legal for those of you unfamiliar with our turn of phrase  )

The Mobility Scooter as a mode of transport is usually owned by someone who used to drive a car  and is aware of the dangers and is much more alert.   



Since then 2 to 3 year old children are up and down the road on little sit- on scooters   riding fast down the slope  in the middle of the road.   Mother with the baby many yards behind. The 5 year old sister is on the standup scooter coming fast behind the little one.    Then there is the 20 odd year old on a motorized  stand up  scooter with her little sister standing in front  ,  and because it has a motor it is going at a fast pace  up the road.   Further down the road is a young fellow with an even faster  motorized  scooter that he rides along the   road and then down the path to the beach.   These motorized scooters are becoming more popular and everyone seems to be  acquiring one.   Fun !!!!

I believe down in Sydney they are call  "Green" scooters ,  I thought at first because they were painted green but no, it is  all about climate and pollution .   I also believe they cause a lot of accidents  and are a real danger to people on foot.   Why can these much faster   wheels not be registered where the Mobility scooter is the only one obeying the road rules.

My biggest concern with the young ones riding these little scooters on the road is that a car or truck can  come around the corner and there in front of him is this little fellow roaring down the road.   The driver will have a heart attack with fright,  or , and it will happen the little kid will fall off and get hurt.   Or worse still these scooter fans will get collected ( Australian vernacular for hit by a vehicle - just in case someone decides to get upset over that ) and killed or very badly injured.   No fault of the driver  but imagine how you would feel if that was you behind the wheel?   

I feel it is time the Authorities  looked into this popular mode of transport and  placed some form of  restriction or certainly have them registered.    Mothers should be more careful of allowing the little ones such freedom on the roads that have normal everyday use of every sort of vehicle.    

Or do Mothers these days feel that it is not their responsibility to teach their children road sense?    Adults who ride the bikes and have their children riding with them on the main roads seem to rely on the motorist to be vigilant.   I have seen them with little ones that could be around 5 and 6 years old.     This is very scary  for the drivers  and I would also imagine not very nice for the little child who is riding with Mum and Dad.  

Scooters should be all be registered or not registered at all.   Is a 5 year old child supposed to be more aware of road rules than an octogenerian?

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