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I do not know how many of you remember BK - a poster who always said hard truths.

I found an article he wrote back in 2020.

Well worth a read. Written some years ago and all too true....

The year 2021 is of course now the first year of the final decade the UN designated their Agenda 30 achievement final period, having failed to achieve their goals originally scheduled for Agenda 21 when the Keating Labor Government of Australia became a signatory around 1989/90.

Another part of the climate hoax, creative accounting for global warming leading to the end of life as we know it. But climate scare, climate emergency nonsense, has not been gaining traction, believers have fallen from a high of around 70 per cent of people to about 35 per cent with varying understanding, many for example realise that weather and climate are related, climate is very long term weather conditions based, and varies from climate zone to climate zone, even here within Australia.

The girl actress who shouts: 'how dare you" has also lost traction, and apparently returned to school.

So what's next?

Obviously next is "The Great Reset - build back better". Build back from COVID-19 but impose restrictions, controls, Marxist socialism based lockdowns. After all the people now accept impositions and loss of freedom and democratic rights, don't we?


The woke members of the Ivory Tower syndrome Royal Family seem to think so, but they are part of the elite who would not require draconian measures imposed, so would retain their lifestyle and luxury living, assets. But being better than we the people they know what is best for us, a French version of them now deceased decided it was cake. No food, let them eat cake.

The USSR example of elite lifestyle was department stores offering luxury everything for the elite comrades, the people waited daily in long lines for whatever food was available from shops, and often went home with nothing.

So 2021 ..... here is a glimpse;

"COVID-19. Conflict. Collapsing economies. Drought. Now we’re facing a new disaster: “famines of biblical proportions in 2021”.

That’s according to the 2020 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, David Beasley, who runs the World Food 

Program and has added its voice to a growing cacophony of alarms, stating “we’re on the brink of a hunger pandemic”.

download 2020 12 09T140848.176

The world we live in is an immensely complex device. Everything is connected. Everything is balanced. Everything – be it global stock markets or supply chains – is part of an extensive interconnected system.

Which is why the COVID-19 pandemic and a series of environmental disasters have thrown some serious spanners in the works.

Australia’s Royal Commission into recent catastrophic bushfires warns of “compounding disasters” affecting the “economy, critical infrastructure and essential services”."

Defence Force chief Angus Campbell has warned disasters are already “more extreme and more common”.

Now Mr Beasley is using the Nobel Prize to highlight the warning signs his 20,000 staff are seeing worldwide.

Refugee camps are overflowing, their occupants having fled their fields. Farmers are leaving their land fallow due to a lack of labour, seed and feed. And many of those crops that have been planted are wilting under drought or being washed away by storms.

“It’s getting worse out there … (and) our hardest work is yet to come,” he said."

2021 famines of biblical proportions ..... UN.


But what about Agenda 21 now 30, Australia has not constructed dams to keep up with population growth for people and for farming food for people. Why, UN rules and regulations complimented by our governments' legislation and regulations. Sydney Warragamba Dam wall height increase plan still not actioned, one example.

But worse, the Northern Australia Irrigation Farming Area plan, extend the Ord River Irrigation Area across the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland, dam rivers to harvest the wet season rainfall and there would still be enough to flow to the seas.

CSIRO identified the area above to be similar to Western Europe's total land mass, just add water the report stated.

The Abbott led Opposition talked about their plan for the food bowl and other dams all around our nation for people and for farming.

Nothing said since the Turnbull Government from September 2015, but then the globalist socialist left faction (Black hand) was in control, UN rules.

Famines of biblical proportions but UN blocks creation of a massive new food bowl in Australia that would supply many other countries with food, Australia is already producing more than we need and the rest is exported already.

Enough of this, we desperately need Australian Patriots to take charge.

I will leave it with BK and say : Yep. You were right. "


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