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People are whining about not being allowed to go out and they are seriously disturbed because their ability to get smashed avo on toast has been curtailed? . The fatcats are grizzling about no pay increases. Raylene Castle " generously " agreeing to a 50% paycut to $400,000?
I just took a hit of $1200  a year - it is a disaster for me and the loss of income from a client is a disaster for them and their massive rural community.
All the money going to unemployed dropbeats who sit at home and watch TV all day while the Nation sees fruit falling to the ground and having to import labour to pick it up? It makes my blood boil.
I am so upset right now. That $1200 is the difference between paying my bills and not paying my bills. And it is not just about me.  Regional Australia is already on a knife edge right now and the people in the bush will lose out. Again.  Add a comment


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