Back in January, Gillette decided to destroy its brand. 

We have an old family saying " Whose bright idea was this ? " when something goes terribly wrong. And there must be a few people at Gillette now saying that phrase as the company announces an $8 billion loss in the second quarter. 

At the time, it seemed a crazy idea: make an ad that attacks all those that buy your product. Tell them that they are nasty brutes who need to stop being sexist bullies.

Within days of the release of the " Woke " ad, it received over 600,000 downvotes. It now sits at in excess of 1.5 million. 

My question is this : Why the hell do these companies insist on alienating and insulting their customers in order to appease a small minority who probably don't buy their products anyway?




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from Ellan at The BFD.

Where did the teachers go? Somewhere, over the Rainbow?

Kids having story books read to them by bearded men with lipstick seems wrong to me. Where did all the  real teachers go? Those that taught us to think for ourselves, not to think as they think?

To be a teacher is a most honourable profession. Or, at least, it should be. Sadly, today, too many are incapable of simple arithmetic without the use of a calculator. More importantly, there are those who seek to stifle critical thinking and promote their own views to the children whose young minds are in their care.




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from Ellan at The BFD. It all started this morning when I went to my local bakery to buy my decadent monthly treat. It ended up being about dodgy dudes.

My decadent indulgence is a big cream stick doughnut, with lashings of homemade strawberry jam and enough cream to drown out any guilt that I should have felt for having dared to challenge my body’s right to have an opinion on the matter.

I buy two – one for me and one for my Mum. We sit in the sunroom, Royal Albert teacups in hand, serviettes at the ready and our toes curled up in unison as we delight in our guilty pleasure. It is a lovely wicked indulgence and I have tried to feel bad about it. I truly have. But I don’t care. For about 10 minutes, once a month, we sit there laughing smiling, oohing and aahing about a cream doughnut that makes us forget all the nasty in the world, all the PC rubbish, all the political treason and the misery that is modern-day life.




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A boomerang is an ancient weapon created by Australian Aboriginal ( Indigenous ) People. It was a hunting weapon. If it hit its target, the prey and the boomerang could be used for the future. In the case of the prey for food, clothing and in the case of the weapon, to be recycled to use again.

If, on the other hand, the weapon missed its target, it would come back to wait until it could be hurled in the future to harvest its prey.

Trump is a master boomerang hurler. He throws them out and sometimes hits and sometimes misses. But he always knows his target. When he misses, the prey, whether it be a kangaroo, a snake or a wayward lizard, he will always know that it was nearly a victim and it feels fear of the next attack.

The ” missed kangaroo “ feels the presence of the mighty warrior that stalks it; the shadow that follows it and tries to hide in caves and gullies. But it can never rest easily for fear that the boomerang slayer is close behind. Ready to launch the shot that will kill it or , worse stun it.

The stun is the worst shot. The prey is still alive and fully aware that it is about to be vanquished. No, death is preferable to stunning. At least death is a quick kill. But to stun you? ? To stun is actually terror: to come back to consciousness and see the eyes of your hunter staring at you and ready – not to kill you, but to torture you.




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A small, isolated nation at the bottom of the world. A Nation that prides itself on multicultural acceptance.
What better place to do an experiment… to see how long it would take to overthrow a Nation. Well, with the right so called leader in place, it took 4 MONTHS.

Internet is censored; guns being removed; people being put in prison for using social media; 4 MONTHS.

It certainly makes you wonder... in four short months an entire country has been overthrown. 

Not bad when you think about it. Miss Cindy, the Socialist, has made her keepers proud. But it gets worse.




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 This article was written back in May by one of my writers, Raymond F Peters. It is worth re posting in light of what Jacinda Ardern has done in Australia and indeed, throughout the world, since that time in May.

New Zealand did NOT vote for Jacinda Ardern. The New Zealand People did NOT vote for a Socialist regime. Winston Peters, the biggest hypocrite in New Zealand history, betrayed his country and himself. He ought to hang his head in shame and the New Zealand public need to call him out for who he is: a Traitor.

With Ms Ardern's visit to Australia and telling the Australian People and Scott Morrison how it should be done, she has a cheek. She has destroyed the Anzac Spirit and created a terrible rift between Family.

And it would not have happened without Winston Peters.



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article courtesy of Whaleoil.

I will never forget the Christchurch earthquake in February 2011. None of us will, of course. But one of the things that stands out in my mind was how quickly the USAR crew arrived from Australia. They were here by late afternoon, after the earthquake had struck just before 1.00pm. All I could think of that day was Thank You, Australia. You truly are, as always, our friends when we are in need.

That was over 8 years ago though, and it seems a lot has changed.


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No one is doing anything to combat the filth of pedophilia, prostitution of morals and integrity and ethic. No one. Except Trump. The rest of them are selling out to corporate greed and self gratification. Trump has sufficient money that he can take the moral high ground. Thank God. When a person cannot be bought, he is dangerous. That is why they want to bring Trump down.


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The lost story of outrage that is about to surface.

With the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein and the focus on nxivm , we are in a situation that is about to blow the world asunder. Nxivm, a marketing company... that just happens to have links to sex cults...

This whole business of the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein is Pizzagate. That thing we all heard of and did not want to believe. That subject that was so horrific that none of us wished to even delve into.

But delve into it we must.


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