After the fear and anguish of the anticipation of a Labor victory in the election of Saturday, I slept a relieved sleep that we had been spared the horror of a Socialist takeover of Australia.

But that victory was somehow tarnished by the defeat of some of our most outspoken and important heroes: Tony Abbott, Jim Molan and Fraser Anning.

It was almost a hollow victory. One that gave us the win but also gave us losses that are too important to ignore. Our three most vocal opponents to climate change, immigration, restriction of Australians to be Australians in their own Nation; all gone.

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I have yet to see or hear a Politician who has pulled it off successfully. Sure, there are some, like Ms Cindy from across the ditch in New Zealand, who sounds like Mother Theresa and looks like she just won the last race at Flemington…. But she doesn’t fool me.

Words are merely words, no matter how cleverly delivered or masterfully edited and pitched.  Obama was supposedly a great orator, until his teleprompter went bugger up. Then he became a bumbling idiot who couldn’t compose one umm without another quickly followed by another added for impact and emphasis.  Theresa May aka Treason May seems to think that a jaunty walk can overcome her limp speeches and her fork tongued duplicitness. Simon Bridges thinks that ridicule and yelling, while Paula Bennett sits beside him doing Noddy impressions, can win the New Zealand public over; and Scott Morrison is sure that being a man for all people is going to win the frustrated and angry public in the forthcoming Australian election. Bill Shorten thinks that his recipe for success is to avoid a question and hope like hell he will never have to answer it.

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Why do the Democrats hate him? Why do leaders of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other Nations around the world hate him so much?

Is it hatred or fear?

Why do people from around the world, and within his own Nation hate him so much? After all, he has lowered unemployment to record levels, increased wages, reduced taxes and overseen the American economy booming. American manufacturing is thriving... yet he is not at all popular with some. Why is that?

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They came for our Churches and now they are coming for our jobs. But who are THEY?

The Enemy Within.

When a person can lose his job for quoting the most popular book ever written; the top selling book in all of history; the book that is the cornerstone of every Christian on this planet… when he can lose his job for quoting the Bible, things are darker and more dangerous than any of us could imagine.

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Democratic Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg while delivering a speech in South Carolina, said America’s past “was never as great as advertised.”

I cannot help but feel that he insulted all the men who fought on the beaches of Normandy or died in the South Pacific fighting for HIS Right to live in the country that he now clearly feels so thoroughly ashamed of. Well, Mr Buttigieg, I think that you should be ashamed.

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When Benjamin Disraeli said “I must follow the people. Am I not their leader? “ he was on the money.  Leaders do not seek to create a new world of their vision, but to preserve or improve the vision that the people already have and hold dear. Or they may seek to create the vision that the people have.

Either way, it is not THEIR vision; it is the vision of the People.

Trump got this. He understood that his role was not to ask his People to follow him but rather to allow the American People to get on with their lives, make money, make babies and make memories of which they could be proud.

His role? To Follow His People.

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How the hell do we keep Shorten out?

I just did my postal vote for the forthcoming election on May 18th. All posted off and thankful to have it behind me.

It looks like an unrolled roll of toilet paper and probably most of the candidates deserve to be flushed down the toilet anyway. Or, at the rate the MSM are going, there won’t be many left to flush! It is ridiculous and almost a way of ensuring that people will be so bloody frustrated that they will vote above the line and shove some numbers in and get back to the sausage sizzle.

I am not joking. It is over a metre long and the names are a seemingly endless fog of parties, letters and, unless you have done your homework, almost impossible to fill out without resorting to an “ oh bugger it, that’ll do. “

But we have to do it if we want to keep Shorten OUT.

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beckIt is a golden oldie that is ignored too often these days, but well worth highlighting again.

So often, we hear the left crying about ending world hunger and misery. But is it not simply a drop in the ocean and, no matter what we do, it will never be enough? Throwing the doors open to the poor is an insurmountable problem and all that will happen is that we will be overwhelmed as well.

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Let’s be honest. The days when the Italians, Greeks, Poles, Hungarians, Poms and Chinese all packed up and headed downunder or over yonder bear no resemblance to the current influx of migrants.

The 3 phases of population growth can be loosely tied down to the pre WW1, Post WW2 and the here and now.

Society has changed and societal expectation has shifted from what ‘they can do for us ‘ to ‘what we can do for them.’


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