Christchurch shooting. The perfect recipe. Radical, white males shoot up a mosque and outrage a country. Neo nazi white far right murder innocent peaceful islamic devotees at prayer on a day of children protesting climate change. Little kids celebrating their love of their planet are terrified in a hail of bullets as the world comes crashing down on their hopes and dreams.?
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faceoff face on

All over the western world, we are seeing the faces of entire Nations, the history and the future undergo a complete makeover. It is not being done with lipstick, cosmetics or skin treatments at a day spa. It is a surgical transformation. A completely new face.
We are part of a full transformation and if it does not scare you, it should. 
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family breakdown

It seems to be so easy for families to fall out of favour with one another.   We've been best mates for over 100 years but the bromance seems to waning. Have we grown up? Or simply grown apart?
We fought together as ANZACs, died together as ANZACs, wept and laughed together in the trenches and the horror of war.
We patted each other on the back for being Antipodeans and couldn't really understand what all the fuss was about for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. For us, we were proud to be " far from the madding crowds."
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prince harry

How I miss that beer swigging larrakin that used to be Prince Harry.  You know, the one that reminded us all of our younger brother or that friend we had in school? The one that lived life on the edge and had to come home and apologise, but always got off with a stern warning and then melted our hearts because, after all, he was only being "Harry. " I miss him. This new bloke is a bit of a bitter lemon. I prefer the naughty boy who did all the things we wanted to do, but were too afraid to do because our spouse wouldn't let us.
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cute baby

When is a baby a baby and when is it a foetus?
 The dictionary says that a foetus is yet to be born. A baby is once it is born. But, up until the growing  acceptance of abortion, no one really used the word foetus unless they were members of the health profession in a clinical enironment. To most of us, a baby is a baby, whether it is born or still kicking inside its Mother's "tummy". Few of us gathered the siblings around and let them gape in wonder and invite them to feel the foetus kick. 
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Cardinal Pell

Well, the jury decided that Cardinal Pell is guilty of one of the worst crimes imaginable - sexual abuse of children.  But is this trial by media rather than trial by jury?
As a  parent and grandparent, there is little that could arouse my anger more than the odious exploitation of innocence of a young person by  an older and toxic adult. Male or female is irrelevant. Innocence needs to be protected and we shouldn't have to even discuss that basic premise. But discuss it we must.
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end of the world

In less than 4 years, our country and world has changed. Public opinion is now being censored; family units are divided and couples are at odds. Wearing a hat will get you treated with disdain or greeted with a handshake.
A hat.  I mark everything these days from the passing of my dear and beloved father. He would not recognise the world that we are living in today. In less than 4 years, the left have put our lives into the washing machine and churned out a life that is unrecognisable . Just over 45 months.
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joyce I did not think kindly or well of Barnaby Joyce about his betrayal of his wife and daughters.

 I still do not. But by God, sometimes he hits it out of the park when it comes to defending the People of Australia.

What he lacks in loyalty to his wife and daughers, he has our backs, that is for sure. 

From his facebook he writes:

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nice attack " Stcks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt you. "

Back in July 2016, on Bastille Day in Nice, France, a muslim terrorist   drove a truck in to the crowd of revellers and killed and injured many of   those people.

 The following day on Australian TV, media personality Sonia Kruger said that there is a correlation between the number of people who are   Muslim in a country and the number of terrorist attacks,"

 And then it began......

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