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Part 27 – USA : The “Anti-Federalists”

The three saboteurs, the “Anti-Federalists” demanded that the implied Inalienable Natural Rights be reduced to writing in an “express” amendment to the American Constitution.

It was easy for the “Anti-Federalists”. They held a proverbial “gun to the heads” of the other Founding Fathers.

It was easy to convince the general public that the Federalists were attempting to “remove” the Inalienable Natural Rights of the people. The “Anti-Federalists” pointed to the Constitution and asked the people of their three Colony’s : Where are our Inalienable Natural Rights written in here ?

They accused the genuine Founding Fathers of trying to remove the Inalienable Natural Rights of the people. It was precisely and exactly what they themselves were intending to do!
Talk about projection !

The argument of the “Anti-Federalists” was as brilliant as it was evil, compelling and unanswerable. It was also a deceit. They knew that the ordinary American people of 1787 did not know much about Constitutional Law.

The Anti-Federalists had entirely “inverted” the true state of affairs.

The other Founding Fathers had no means by which they could explain the complexities of Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence to the ordinary people. The only communication open to them was word of mouth and the slow process of the printing press.

The ordinary American people were angry and demanded the very measure which would undermine their own Inalienable Natural Rights.

The Anti-Federalists asserted that the American Constitution was a “flawed document”, without the inclusion of what they asserted were “ more constitutional protections for personal liberties.”

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

However, not being classical Constitutional legal scholars, the ordinary Americans of their colonies fell for it. Their own Colonies supported the very representatives who deceived them. The Anti-Federalists were later hailed as “champions” of the American people, by those who did not understand.

The Anti-Federalists relied on the ignorance of the very people who trusted them most. They used the people’s ignorance and lack of knowledge against them. They were representing their own personal interests, not the interests of those in their colonies.

The “golden rule” of Constitutional Drafting had been broken.

The Anti-Federalists had won.

Their victory would be delayed, but the “ticking bomb” was set for the sabotage of the United States of America. All it required was for the people to not discover the deceit.

Part 28 – USA – Ticking timebomb

The Inalienable Natural Rights were no longer implied, they were express.

The “golden rule” was broken.

The Inalienable Natural Rights of the people within the newly formed United States of America, including the people of their own states could be denied at some opportune time in the future.

It was a “ticking timebomb” to sabotage the federation of the United States of America.

Can you see how the Anti-Federalists “inverted” the true state of things to trick the people into supporting them? The “Anti-Federalists” could not prevent Federation, but they intended to sabotage the federation of the United States of America by this very brilliant “trick”.

The “golden rule” had been broken, but the people did not understand. The timebomb ticked silently in the background, as the Anti-Federalists were hailed as the champions of Freedom.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

The fears of the American Founding Fathers, such as George Washington proved well founded in subsequent years and to this very day.

In America with the passing of the subsequent “Bill of Rights”, the nature of those “Freedoms” and “Liberties” were brought under early scrutiny again by those who were against federation in America.

If they could not stop Federalisation and the creation of the Republic, they sought to weaken it at its very foundations. They have been exploiting that “legal loophole” ever since, and that remains to be the case today.

That is why the Australian Founding Fathers could assert that Australians under the Australian Constitution would have more freedoms and liberties than the people of the United States of America.

Our Founding Fathers knew that the American “Bill of Rights” which amended their Constitution broke the “golden rule” of Constitutional drafting. Our Founding Fathers of the Australian Constitution would ensure Australian Individuals would remain the “most free peoples of the World”.

The Australian Founding Fathers would not repeat the mistake.

The Australian Founding Fathers ensured that the Natural Law Jurisprudence would be implied into our Australian Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers never imagined our Parliaments would one day be filled with unwise men, or “dishonourable” men or those so legally incompetent that they did not even understand the basics of the Australian Constitution they swear an Oath to Uphold.

However, this too, our Australian Founding Fathers contemplated in their drafting of our Constitution. They made provision for situations in s.44, and elsewhere in our Australian Constitution.

We have every possible safeguard, cross-check and fail safe drafted into our Australian Constitution.

That is why it is so very important to Australia’s enemies, that Australians remained ignorant about our own Constitution.

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