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Part 25 - USA : Brilliant Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers of America were brilliant classical Constitutional scholars.

They knew how to fix this problem.

They would draft an American Constitution. The Natural Law Jurisprudence would be implied through the American Constitution.

American Individuals would have their Inalienable Natural Rights restored.

This could now be implied through the clear intentions stated in the Declaration of Independence which flowed through the American Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence, (which was not a Constitutional Document) could be the manifested “object” which would be implied in the Constitution.

The “golden rule” of Constitutional drafting would not be broken.

It was an ingenious plan.

The American Founding Fathers were Constitutionally brilliant scholars. No wonder our Australian Founding Fathers were all in awe of these Brilliant Americans.

So why then, did Australia’s Founding Fathers observe that Australians had more “freedom” than the “boasted republic of America”?

How could the Founding Fathers of Australia say this in 1891?

This is going to surprise you. It surprises a lot of Americans too. It does not surprise classical Legal Constitutional scholars though !
Part 26 – USA : Gun to their heads

Drafting of the American Constitution took a total of four (4) months in 1787. The drafting involved fifty-five (55) representatives from the various American Colonies.

However, there were nefarious plans afoot.

In 1787 the Founding Fathers of America had a proverbial “gun to their heads” by three (3) of the representatives from three (3) of the American colonies George Mason and Edmund Randolph of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts.

These three “Anti-Federalists” refused to sign (ratify) the American Constitution on behalf of their colonies.

American Founding Father George Washington and all others knew what these three men knew. If these three men withheld their signatures, Massachusetts, Virginia and Rhode Island would effectively become “foreign countries” within America.

These three men, Mason, Randolph and Gerry were against unity under the United States of America. They were “Anti-Federalists”, who wanted their states to remain entirely independent “sovereign” entities.
The so called “Anti-Federalists” all had very vested interests.

It is worth noting that the so called “Father of the Bill of Rights” George Mason, came from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Virginia who controlled much of the wealth and commerce of that state.
George Mason had very vested interests.

If the United States of America was formed Mason and his family would no longer be the “big fish” in a small tank, they would become “small fish” in a massive tank!

What were the demands of the three Federalists, to secure their signature to the formation of the United States of America under the proposed American Constitution ?

What would three saboteurs do?

I ask you to cast your mind back to the key concept of Constitutional Law.

What happened earlier with Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence?

[ My Dear Friends,
If you are struggling – please go back and read Part 21-22 of this series. It is a key concept of Constitutional Law and you need to have a basic grasp of it, before you can hope to understand the Australian Constitution and our Inalienable Natural Rights. ] PART !! in this series. 

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