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Remember when Cindy wore a hijab? Nearly a year ago? Poor Cindy .  In one moment, you opened a can of worms that changed New Zealand forever. You wore a hijab. Something that moslem women have endured out of fear, because, apparently their very sex is too tempting for men to behold. Cover your hair and cover your “ crowning glory “ .

I have friends who lost their hair, Cindy, due to Cancer. They wore scarves to cover up their lack of hair. They endured chemotherapy in order to live and love.  One dear old lady I knew years ago wore a knitted cap and hid in her home for fear of the embarrassment she felt at having no hair. At 91, she was so ashamed of losing something that, as she said, made her “ a woman. “ I sat with her one day, shortly before her death and we discussed the whole hair business. She lamented “ I am an old woman. I can hardly walk. I barely sleep. I am dying. But I loved my hair. My husband loved my hair. I no longer feel like me without my hair. “

When I got Cancer some years ago, that was my fear. Losing my hair.


Yet, in some deferrence to a Religious doctrine that is not your own, or that of the country you govern, you decided to cover your hair?

What were you thinking?

Did you feel that covering your hair and encouraging other women to follow your example would somehow be the right thing to do?

Tell that to Nasrin Sotoudeh who has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes. What have you to say about that Cindy?

Her crime? To defend women, in her role as a Lawyer, against the crime of removing, YES,  REMOVING, their hijabs.  Yet you, Cindy, donned the hijab and encouraged other women to do so?

I have said before and I will say it again, shame on you Cindy. Shame on you.

I cannot believe that you wore the hijab.

What message did you send to women? To be ashamed of their hair, their sex and their womanhood?

Our hair is part of us. Women love their hair. A redhead, a brunette, a blonde; we head off to hairdressers to groom our hair and we shampoo and brush because we love our hair.

What message did you send to millions of women around the world?

That Nasrin Sotoudeh was wrong?

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