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A Christmas poem from over 70 years ago. This is a timely reminder for us all that we have been facing challenges for a very long time and will continue to do so.

But we do have one thing that keeps us united and strong in times of adversity: our Faith.


God of the timeless universe
At whose word a world was born
Grant to this Atomic age
A peaceful Christmas morn
May the star that brightly gleamed
Upon that Manger long ago
Spread its radiance far and wide
And all men come to know
The living Glory of Thy Love
And with clearer vision see
Thy message down the Ages,
In a Star ...A Crib ...A Tree ...

God of the ceaseless ebb and flow
Of human thought and deed
Protect man from the mighty force
Of a tiny atom ...freed!
Let not his thirsting probing mind
From Nature wrest the master key
Lest if bring complete destruction
To all Humanity
God of the restless souls of men
Patient, generous ...transcendent still,
Grant to weary battered world
The spirit of Goodwill!
Rekindle in the human heart
A deeper faith ...a true humility
That men, in harmony may find
The one great bond of Unity!

God of the veiled mystery
Of Time and Space and Life
Grant to man the power to see
The futility of strife;
Give to him from Thy vast store
Of understanding, tiny spark
A light to guide his footsteps
As gropingly, he treads the dark
And tortuous path of human fear;
Grant him at the future's threshold
A strengthened faith, and eyes to see
The transfigurated hope that shines
From a Star ...a Crib ... a Tree!

God of the ceaseless ebb and flow
Of human thought and deed
The fields of earth lie scarified
Teach Man, to plant Thy seed!

William R Whiteside

Dec 18th 1947 Whakatane

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