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Some years ago, I watched a series called “ Mataku “. The episodes enthralled me and entertained me. They frightened me and I learned NOT to watch them at night.

Much like Gremlins… never ever feed them at night. Yet I could not stop watching this magnificent series of Maori television whereby I was entertained and also learned about Maori Culture. All at the same time.

One thing I learned from watching Mataku was that, if I was a “ foreigner “ , I would think that I was watching a horror movie. But, to me, as a Kiwi, I just accepted that this was part of who I was and where I was and what I was.

So many episodes reminded me of how deeply our cultural past is part of our present and our future. They tapped in to our sense of self as a Nation: Maori and Pakeha.

Our deep rooted and kindred spirit of SELF: we, as Kiwis, draw spiritual and WHOLEsomeself from the Land we call HOME.

We embrace others to join us on our voyage through life and do it in the Kiwi way.

The Maori spirituality has always been expected and respected in our land. The Tanawha, the concepts of the fight between the North Island and the South Island; the hook, the fish, the legends… WE, as a Nation grew up on these wonderful and long held TRADITIONS.

Why are we now changing our country and turning it in to a foreign place? A place of global idealism and imported doctrines?

New Zealand is a young country in the scheme of things. A baby who was born a few seconds ago in terms of the planet time clock.

Our fledgling country is still in nappies in the GLOBAL sense… why are we being thrust forward on to the global stage as a world leader in the United Nations? When, in actual fact, we are a toddler and still finding our feet – historically.

My daughter is currently in Prague, attending a conference. A city that oozes history, culture and more culture ( in the current definition of culture) than we can ever dream of – or, more importantly, catch up on.

We, as a Nation, will never and can never catch up on Europe or other Nations for historic culture.

Neither should we.

We are a small Nation, a new Nation and a proud Nation.

We can only compete in a NEW World.

Is this what Jacinda Ardern is trying to do? Propel NZ onto the world stage with speeches about climate change, diversity, love and kindness?

Well, I feel that New Zealand was not a Nation founded on love, climate change, kindness and sympathy.

We were founded on hard work, mud, respect, rain, cold.. reality.

Yes, Reality.

And part of our Reality was Mataku – Fear.

Fear of failure. Fear of death. Fear.

Right now, I FEAR.

For our Aoteoroa, our New Zealand.

There is nothing worse than the death of a loved one.

In this case, it is the death of our Nation.


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