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As a very spiritual man and a man who loves basic beliefs in loyalty in marriage,  hard work, honesty, decency and respect, I am not that happy about the victories we are having. Because  I am scared of the losses the Left are facing.

I was an ex Naval man, from the War, a Brit, and I loved and married down under. So I am a bit global. Since 1949 I have been a proud "  immigrant."

When the enemy of everything I hold dear is cornered and being set upon, things are going to get nasty.

They are attacking with acid and it takes me back to the war. I thought that we were over this. 

I believe in nature in its form of gardens, flowers, forests ,mountains…I am intolerant  of those who put  themselves first and the majority of the people last. 

I believe in the world that God gave us and that is the world that we have been asked to look after.

Nowhere did God say that we had to sacrifice ourselves, How on earth can we have Guardianship if we have made ourselves extinct?

Because we will become extinct if we continue on this path of renewable energy. Our fowl and beasts will die. Our pastures will fail. Our crops will wither.

The greenies need to get a grip. Custodianship comes with a responsibility, not a sacrifice.


Just like an angry wild boar. Full of bloody anger and the need to kill. 

New Zealand is looking down the barrel of the the fury of letting the cat among the pigeons and by God, it is going to be a bit of a problem for the Cindy mob.

Hell, the once Great Britain is great no longer.  Britain is fighting back and New Zealand is trying to figure out what the hell to do with the rumblings and ramblings and shakeups that have overtaken Kiwiland.

We, around the world, have had enough of being mocked and laughed at and  put down for our voices, treated as as lepers. I went to a leper colony in the Navy. . And they were no different to me.  They were just a bit crook.

How the hell do we stop this bullshit, when our Governments are suppressing our voices? Come on, people.

All it takes is  every time we hear something against us, we say. “ I have had enough and I have a Voice. “


So callled bloody celebrities telling me that I am scum. We are over being told by MSM that our voices are horrible.

Most of all, we are over being told what to say, what to do, what to eat, what to think and who to be.

All I want is to be allowed to celebrate my own opinion. How bloody controversial is that? As an old Veteran, how wrong is that?

When some left leaning dickhead tells me that I am a  negative person for having and expressing my GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO THINK, then no wonder we get angry.

No one, just no one, has the right to tell me what to do and think.  If I can listen to their views then why can't they do the same with mine? 

It is time to choose a side. I choose God and Truth. It is certainly better than no God and no Truth.

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