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 I have yet to see or hear a Politician who has pulled it off successfully. Sure, there are some, like Ms Cindy from across the ditch in New Zealand, who sounds like Mother Theresa and looks like she just won the last race at Flemington…. But she doesn’t fool me.

Words are merely words, no matter how cleverly delivered or masterfully edited and pitched.  Obama was supposedly a great orator, until his teleprompter went bugger up. Then he became a bumbling idiot who couldn’t compose one umm without another quickly followed by another added for impact and emphasis.  Theresa May aka Treason May seems to think that a jaunty walk can overcome her limp speeches and her fork tongued duplicitness. Simon Bridges thinks that ridicule and yelling, while Paula Bennett sits beside him doing Noddy impressions, can win the New Zealand public over; and Scott Morrison is sure that being a man for all people is going to win the frustrated and angry public in the forthcoming Australian election. Bill Shorten thinks that his recipe for success is to avoid a question and hope like hell he will never have to answer it.

All across the world, western leaders and aspiring leaders think that all they have to do is hire a speech writer, turn up at an event and open their mouths. Well, it doesn’t work. Never has and it never will.

As they say, you can fool some of the people for some of the time but you will NEVER fool all of the people, all of the time.

That is why they hate us. People like me actually see through their pathetic attempts at keeping us happy by showering us with their words laced with sugar. Or when their teleprompters fail.


A  great speech can be orchestrated. It can be illustrated. It can be manipulated. Someone can hire a great speech writer and a great speech coach. It can be composed like a symphony that rises and swells. The imagery and emotion can be stirred with the facial expressions, pauses, changes in tempo and pace...

But a truly great speech can never ever be stage managed or faked.

Back in 2018, when Simon Bridges delivered his speech hoping to retain Government in New Zealand , he shouted, gestured and mocked. I just listened to his speech and I barely heard his words, so distracted was I by Noddy Paula and his tortured delivery.

It was and is a great piece of Theatre.

But is this what we have come to? Our Politics becoming pieces of theatre?

What the hell happened to Simon Bridges since he delivered that impassioned speech back in 2010? Did the speechmakers take over?

Warning. Do not watch this video if you are an animal lover like me. It broke my heart.


Maybe he needs to get back to who he is and stop being Politically Correct.

I have watched Trump speak. I have heard his words and I have tried to figure out what it is that so uplifts me. Any of you who have read my other articles will know that I believe that it is a strength that Trump has : his ability to reach his audience. Is it his delivery? His words? His Body Language? What is it that makes him reach our hearts?

It was only listening to the final speech that the penny dropped.

The last thing I listened to was what is hailed as the finest speech of all time. One man’s voice. A simple and honest statement of fact. Words plainly said, with no theatre or fireworks.


Sir Winston Churchill spoke with sincerity.  I could FEEL it.

That is what makes a speech great. Not the cleverness of the words. Not the bells and whistles; not the gesturing, yelling or volume.

A great speech maker is the person who sings his symphony of Truth from the heart.

Churchill simply spoke the Truth.

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