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Right to Life defends the duty of midwives to be the protector of the lives of unborn children and their mothers. For thousands of years, civilisation has upheld the duty of midwives to be the guardian of the womb and the lives of unborn children. Midwifery is a noble profession dedicated to protecting life.

Press Release


The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, shamefully must accept responsibility for this deplorable attack on the ethics of the midwifery profession, for she was the architect of the Abortion Legislation Act 2020 which permits midwives and nurse practitioners to be killers not carers.  

Right to Life is absolutely appalled that the Associate Minister of Health, Dr Ayesha Verrall, who is responsible for promoting the killing of the unborn, has now announced that training will be given to midwives and nurse practitioners to enable them to kill unborn children in the first nine weeks of life. The scope of practice for these health professionals has now been changed to allow them to prescribe lethal drugs to kill the child by starvation. This is chemical warfare against our defenceless unborn disguised as “reproductive health care”.

Dr Verrall deceptively describes the lethal drugs designed to kill as “medication”. The first lethal drug taken is Mifepristone,  RU 486. The objective of Mifepristone is to block a natural substance (progesterone) that is needed for the baby to receive nourishment, the baby thus starves to death. The second drug is Misoprostol which causes the baby dead or alive to be expelled from the womb. This is cruel murder of the defenceless unborn child.


Right to Life is appalled that the Midwifery Council of New Zealand appointed by the government has now extended and gazetted its scope of practice to allow midwives, subject to education and training to prescribe lethal drugs to kill unborn children in medical abortions and to violently dismember children in surgical abortions.

The website of the Midwifery Council proudly proclaims, ‘Health and safety of mothers and babies comes first” and “Guardians of professional standards”. Right to Life asks how does the Council reconcile this noble objective with its acceptance of the murder of the unborn?

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Our midwives enjoy a well- earned reputation as caring health professionals who since the beginning of the human race have enjoyed the love and respect of the community. What greater vocation is there than to have the privilege to care for expectant mothers and their precious and vulnerable unborn child. We the community ,have a duty to protect our midwives and their professional standards.


Every child is a unique and unrepeatable miracle of God’s creation that is endowed at conception with an inalienable right to life. It is an unspeakable outrage for the government to inflict on our respected midwives who are committed to protecting both mother and child, a direction that they have a responsibility to kill the unborn at the request of the mother, this is a violation of human rights and a crime against humanity. Right to Life applauds the many midwives who refuse to violate their ethics and refuse to kill their tiny patients.


There will be no place in the profession for those midwives who are not prepared to kill the innocent and defenceless unborn, for those who refuse to kill on the grounds of conscience, they will be compelled by law to refer the woman to a midwife or another health professional who would be prepared to kill. Why does the Prime Minister support the right of women to kill their children before birth but does not support the right of midwives to choose not to kill?

Right to Life requests that the government take urgent action to repeal this anti –life and anti- women legislation. We also urge that midwives in New Zealand defend their profession, its ethics and women and the unborn by refusing to submit to the government’s demand that they stain their hands with the blood of the innocent. They should be confident of the active support of the community.

Ken Orr,


Right to Life

 This article is a press release that has been published in full and un-edited by Patriotrealm

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