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Pauline Hanson has been the soldier riding in to the valley of death for decades about Chinese and moslems.
I have forgiven her friendship with Valmai Beck and forgiven her poor judgement with the men in her party.
I was all set to vote for her and her party in our forthcoming elections. But she has just endorsed a moslem to stand for a set in her party's name? Sorry, Pauline, you blew it.
In 1987 I was a parent living in the quiet coastal town of Noosa in Queensland Australia. My daughter was a friend of a young lass named Sian. The girls were 12 years old. Living in a rather wonderful and idyllic place in a rather wonderful and idyllic part of Australia.
Our daughters went to school together at Sunshine Beach Primary School and they went to dance classes together. As parents, we shared the duty of ferrying our daughters to dance and were part of a club that centred round our girls.
One day, in December 1987, our lives changed forever. Sian went missing. She had been on her pushbike and was riding home. Pretty, blonde, happy and kind. She disappeared.
220px SianKingiDays went by. And we, as parents, worried, consoled our daughters and thanked God it was not our wee lass who was missing.
Eventually, the tragic news reached us. Sian was found in Timbeerwah Forest out of Noosa. Raped and murdered by Barry Watts and Valmai Beck.
I was at the courthouse the day that these monsters arrived in Noosa to face their charges. There were hundreds of us.
As they left the police vehicle, we fell silent. Not a word. We stood in shock, in horror, to see the two people who had so horrifically ended Sian;'s l;ife.
I said afterward that, if one of us had yelled " kill them " we would have descended on them like  plague of locusts and destroyed them, limb from limb.
But we did not.
We stood, silent. Not a murmur. Not a word.
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The Courier Mail newspaper reported
ON THE afternoon of November 27, 1987 the blonde, bubbly and attractive 12-year-old Sian Kingi was riding her yellow bike home on a pathway at Pinnaroo Park near the Noosa Junction shopping centre.

As she rode along, she was stopped by a dumpy woman with short, bleached blonde hair – Valmae Beck.

As Beck caught Sian's attention by asking whether she had seen a non-existent lost poodle, Barrie Watts grabbed her from behind and bundled her into their battered white Holden Kingswood station wagon.

Arms and mouth taped, the terrified schoolgirl was driven to a remote spot in Tinbeerwah forest about 12km away where she was dragged out on to an old eiderdown to be raped, sodomised, stabbed and strangled by Watts while Beck looked on.

Hours before, Watts and Beck had sat on Noosa's main beach as Watts told of his desire to be "the first and last" sexual partner of a young girl. Beck had said she would help him.

Six days later a passer by found Sian's body still clad in her bloodied Year 7 Sunshine Beach School uniform in a dry creek bed.

A nationwide manhunt and clever police work resulted in Watts and Beck being arrested. Their first court appearance was on December 15 – the day before Sian would have celebrated her 13th birthday.

Watts reportedly told Beck in secretly taped conversations between the two while they awaited their court hearing: "I'd like to do it again. You wanted it as well. You wanted to do it again."

When she was sentenced to life in jail for her part in the horrific abduction and murder, Beck told a stunned court that Sian "never cried, never shed a tear (she was) a brave little girl, she never uttered a peep, she just did everything he told her".

The sentencing judge described Beck as callous and depraved.


When Pauline Hanson was imprisoned in  2003 for electoral fraud, she befriended Valmai Beck.


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In the Woman's Day article Hanson spoke of her compassion for Beck and how Beck had told her she was sorry for what she did.


Sorry? Sorry for what she did and Pauline felt sorry for her? For Valmai Beck?


That angered me for years. But I forgave it.  I thought she was probably not thinking rationally. But.... there was always that part of my mind. How? How could any one feel compassion for this bitch?


Yet, here I am today, learning that Pauline has endorsed a moslem to represent her party in the forthcoming election when many Australian's have had a gutful of islam and a gutful of the destruction of Australian values…. things we held Pauline in esteem for defending....

is this another example of her poor judgement when it comes to people?

Sian Kingi's parents have struggled to maintain their silence and privacy in a dignified fashion in the many years since their daughter's murder.

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Again, in the Courier Mail

Any debate about impending parole applications for the killers have been met with polite "No comments".

However, Barry and Lynda Kingi did break their silence briefly in 2003 after the blaze of publicity surrounding Pauline Hanson's contact and perceived support of Beck when the two met in jail.

A family spokeswoman said Hanson's comments to a women's magazine had re-opened old wounds.

"Indeed we are dismayed, but I believe many more will be as disgusted as we are that Pauline Hanson has used this terrible tragedy, which my friends will endure forever more, to financially benefit herself," the spokeswoman told The Courier-Mail.

"She (Hanson) has shown a horrendous lack of judgment here which we believe she should review.

"She is a mother, which in most women would bring the realisation of the horror of Beck's crime and lead her to encourage the law to keep her behind bars for the rest of her life – in other words, suffer the consequences of her actions.

"Without Valmae Beck, this crime would never have occurred. She was an integral part of a predatory pair who set out in a clearly premeditated fashion to abduct, rape and murder.

"They took this innocent child together.

"Beck claims to have suffered guilt and pain and feels she has paid sufficiently to society with the years she had spent in jail.

"We disagree. She is as guilty as Barrie Watts.

"The only solace my friends have is in knowing that she stays behind bars and reaps the consequences of her actions."


 Well, Valmai Beck is dead., And I for one am glad. 

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I cannot and will not vote for One Nation. Not now. Pauline tested my resolve when she befriended Valmai Beck.


Conclusion? Pauline has no bloody idea when it comes to judgement and she has blown it. Again.

Shame on you Pauline. Shame on you.
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Very interesting and sad article Pauline has blown it, and if I had known about her friendship with that awful woman I would never have felt okay with her.

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Spot on. She is a real hypocrite.

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I totally agree

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  1. 5 / 5
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