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Remember the series called “ Wellington Paranormal” “ When a plastic bag was seen as an alien?

Suddenly, was that crazy or simply normality?

If we do not understand something, it becomes Alien. Something to be feared. A plastic bag, flying in the backyard is suddenly a thing of fear. It could be an alien. A thing to bew very very frightened of. And all we have are the two cops who are totally inept to keep us safe. On top of this tree of safety is Sargeant Maaka. The dude who tries to keep everyrthing safe and withing the boundaries od normality.


Only poor Sargeant Maaka is as blind as his crew and they miss all of the tell tale signs.

Saint Jacinda is either Sargeant Maaka or she is an alien. Someone who does not wish her Nation to thrive unless it is under the rule of the aliens.

It takes me back to the first movie that Peter Jackson ever made.

Bad Taste.


I bought this VCR ( shows you how along ago it was) and it was banned in many countries. I bought it on a cruise, in Fiji, and my, then, young daughters, watched it at every sleepover. It was their favourite.

The blood splattering sequences were horrible and my young daughters delighted with squeals and laughter when the brains plopped out in to the rock pools.   We spent months having to hear the response, when asked if they were lying about something they said  that  “ Dereks don’t lie. “

Such was the joy of of the 90’s.

Yes, Peter Jackson’s first movie was “ Bad Taste. “ The story of a census collector who, driving a mini minor, drove to an isolated town in New Zealand and encountered death, destruction and very Bad Taste.

Was it in bad taste? Yes, it was. Was it funny? According to my now mid forties daughters, yes it was. They said that their sleepovers were the most popular because of Bad Taste.

So why is it that we now find ourselves in Saint Jacinda and Wellington Paranormal Land?

Because they can.

Saint Jacinda wants us to forget the laughter and the humour and focus on the plastic bag. She wants us to focus on the horror of little girls watching drivel known as “ Bad Taste. “

In short, she wants to sanitise us.

Well, I want the old days when girls could squeal with delight and snuggle down in a sleeping bag and watch what was probably the worst movie ever made. Seeing Peter Jackson aka Derek and clap and laugh and smile when they saw Peter Jackson say and declare that " Dereks don't lie."

Saint Jacinda has forgotten that we are Kiwis.

We may forage and muck about on the forest floor but we are MIGHTY.

Saint Jacinda, with your foolish scarf and moslem testimony, there are many of us who say No.

We actually created this Nation.

With our blood sweat, tears and determination, we and our forbears created New Zealand.

My opinion is that Saint Jacinda is an alien and Wellington Paranormal is real.

After all, a plastic bag is now alien.

I rest my case.

And if you aren't already in love with O'Leary and Minogue, here is some more to whet your appetite.


What a shame Jacinda turned in to an alien. 

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