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 I am doing a site update so that people can blog directly to the site. Hence no new articles of late.

Please bear with me... It is a big job and I am doing as much as I can, as fast as I can. 

To be ranked by Alexa as in the top 200,000 sites in the world and in the top 2300 odd in Australia is not that bloody bad for a site less than a year old and without funding.

Thank you all for your albeit silent support. But wait, there is more....



No, you will not get any free steak knives or a two for one deal if you order right now. Nadda. Zip. But, after trialling google adsense for a few months and earning the princely sum of 8 cents, I have decided to call the ads quits and rely on donate a beer. Not that I have had a beer donated... but, what the hell? My integrity is worth more than an 8 cent earning and at least I can say I tried the commercial route to blogging.

So no more ads.

I have some great articles coming up. About Trump and Morrison, China, Mike Pence, Life, the Universe and Everything.  But they will have to wait whilst I do my best to get you guys involved.

So here is how it stands: 

I am finally developing Soapbox Corner, a year later than I would have hoped, but there it is. It is an area of the site that will allow you to post your own blog post and attract followers. It will have its own commenting system, totally divorced from the main blog which uses Disqus. This is OUR commenting system... no one can interfere with it except me, of course.

Because it is my site. 

That being said, it is your site. Your place to come to and to post and have a say. 

No one, apart from me ( because I am the person who pays the bills on this site ) can ban you, stop you from posting or treat you like a second rate human being.

In the meantime, be patient and cut me some slack. I am one person and I am doing my best.

Over the coming months, I will develop many other great places for you. Just play nicely. 

My life is punctuated by family issues and work requirements - much like you.

But I want to do this for ME, for YOU and for those who do do even realise that they have a voice... yet.

My Soapbox Corner will be somewhere for all decent Conservative and Patriotic folk to play and talk, have a chat and be themselves.

Cheers and give me a few days... 





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