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I am the mother of 3   children two boys and then a girl.   Just imagine if I had found out that my last was a girl and I wanted  another boy.    Fully formed at 22 weeks , little arms,  legs,  toes, little ears and nose , lips ready for smiles and I had it murdered . 

Oh sorry , maybe aborted doesn't sound quite as bad.    
Are the people who are voting a "Yes" for late term Abortion  absolutely mad? 

I am the first to agree that if there is a very risky health problem with the Mother  it has to be considered,  If the newly formed baby has been found to have a damaged little body certainly they are both good reasons for  termination.     But not otherwise.

Termination in my opinion should be something which can be carried out up to 12  weeks.   A rape,  financial problems, a slip up on the birth control method,  to name several  reasons,   surely it can be decided and  sorted in the 12 weeks  after conception.

These  changes in our once well ordered lives was started with Same sex marriage.   

Uni sex toilets.    Someone deciding that it is more convenient to be a girl than a chap , of course then the big well muscled   man can compete against the    girl athletes because he has decided he wants to be a Girl.

    That has to stop.   The Authorities who organize these venues have to become realistic and fair.    You don't see too many Girls deciding to be chaps and compete in their  domain.

Visions of chaps dressed up in wedding suits ,  flower button hole ,  then kissing one another.   Two women  dressed in white bridal dresses  cuddling and kissing another.   What a picture for our children.   Not to mention the Safe school nonsense  .   Telling kids it is okay to change sex.    Just because someone likes to dress up or climb a tree , or have a teddy bear instead of a doll.     Kids go through all sorts of stages. Doesn't mean they need to change sex.  Then when you read about all school kids have  to wear  long pants so you can't tell who is who.   This business of allowing school boys to have long untidy hair , so that you have to get a view of the chest to see whether they are a boy or a girl  before you can say hello boys, as you pass them on their way to school. 

We have to get our Members of Parliament   and people who can change rules and  regulations to get  their feet firmly back on the ground  , decided what is correct and fair, right or  wrong and stick to their guns .  

We the majority of the   people don't like what is happening  .   If we speak too forcefully  or don't say it in  quite the correct words we get into trouble .  But how are we to let you people, who are in charge, know what we think if we cannot express it?   You listen to the  advocates of late term abortion , same sex marriage  ,  informing our kids of things they don't need to know , but you don't open your ears to the majority of the people who want law and order and things back to normal.  

This is an excerpt from an article printed some years back. Who better to speak on behalf of these little ones than a survivor?

 22 week fetus

22 weeks

 Melissa Ohden, the survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion in 1977, founded the Abortion Survivors Network and knows more than 200 survivors of failed abortions.

“I should have been delivered dead that day as a successful abortion, a deceased child, but I was born alive,” Ohden told the Senate committee. “A bucket of formaldehyde in a utility closet was meant to be my fate after I wasn’t first scalded to death through the abortion.”

Because Ohden’s abortion attempt occurred in a hospital and not an abortion center, medical staff provided the care she needed to survive. Two nurses at the hospital found out Ohden was born alive and fought to get her needed emergency care, instead of allowing her to die.

Retired gynecologist and former abortionist Kathi Aultman resonated with Ohden’s story. Aultman performed many abortions for women in their second trimester. Afterward, she had to examine the tissue to account for all the body parts—making sure nothing remained in the woman that could cause an infection. Each time, it became harder to separate the perfectly formed organs, which were no different from those of a newborn bab

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