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I signed up with disqus some years ago, long before I made this website. I, foolishly, thought that if someone was a disqus user, they could automatically post on my site.

Not so, it would appear. Apparently, disqus over rides everything in your own site settings, should it decide to do so. 

I may be wrong. If so, f you anyway. I tried to register a new account today and I just about went mad.If I see another picture of a bridge, a car or a traffic light I think that I will lose my mind.

So why use a commenting system that censors me and my users before they get a chance to even comment? 

I have wiped disqus and decided to go with my own independent system. I am in control. Not disqus. Not some third party that cares nothing for my website, my beliefs or my views. So stuff you disqus. 

Let's see how an independent commenting system can work and be up you for censoring people trying to register for my site.


A place to chuck a chat, a comment, a thumbs up or a thumbs down. .

But hell, no. One word and you are " moderated." . It may be a word that appears oin the headline of the article but disqus decides that it is a bad word. 

Everywhere we go today, even on conservative sites is censored by disqus. 

Censorship , even on sites that do not use disqus, is rampant. Hell, I got banned from voat for spamming because I put links to my site on a channel... I got censored for all of voat. A few snowflakes did not like that I asked for people to submit articles to my site but said that I would not accept anti semetic submissions. As a result, I got downvoted and am banned from posting new posts.

Downvoted for not wanting anti semetic posts. So much for free speech on the internet.

Disqus banned Alex Jones.  Breitbart continues to use disqus and I worry and wonder how long it will be before they decide that Breitbart is too " right wing " and " radical. "  Forget the Antifa mob who put quick set concrete in to milkshakes that they throw at people like us - imagine if that hoit your eyes... but they are Ok.

I don't know anymore. 

I almost feel like a storm is coming, like my contributor Feather wrote some time ago. Is there a spark that will trigger a firestorm that has not been seen for a hundred or more years? If so, what will it be?

When the tools that we use online are censored before they even reach OUR sites, what will happen? People will get angry with us. The website owner. Yet it is not our fault. They will not blame the true culprit. In this case, disqus. 

So, I have made a huge decision. To remove all of the comments on my website and go back to my original commenting sytem. Controlled by me, the website owner. 

It is a big thing for me to do. I hope I have done the right thing.

It is up to you guys. My readers. Because I am sick of helping disqus when they seem to be doing everything to make it hard for me.

If you cannot work out how to register, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Help me help you.




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